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  1. The chinstrap was dry and bent being on the liner for long time, decided to use pecard to avoid breaks in the leather, now is in really better shape, will be reinstalled soon. Usually I leave mint cond. leather items alone. btw the helmet was found in Germany. Rice 241 and ClaptonIsGod thanks for you fast replies.
  2. I would like to add this photo I have showing an American Soldier armed with a "delousing gun" in the act of spraying a not very convinced Sicilan farmer. The sign in the back reads "Protect yoursef from typhus, get dusted at disinfecting station". DDT was very popular in Italy to late 60's as the "final solution" for mosquitoes and lil'critters in general. Tons have been sprayed by planes or simply poured in rivers and ponds untill it was realized how harmful this chemical was for humans as well
  3. In fighting my own war against verdigris I have experimented, like the most of you surely did, almost everything. What's worth a try is plain white wine vinegar. Just dip a Q-tip in it and then gently rub the part, repeat untill the green it's gone. Eventual residual could be carefully removed with a soft nylon rotary brush on a dremel tool or simply with a wooden toothpick. Once cleaned a thin layer of WD-40 could be applied to protect the part. Shown in the photos are the results obtained on some of the eyelets of an old Parachutist' chinstrap whic was badly stored
  4. Thanks everybody for your replies, I thought that printed Manufacturer' Name was mandatory and what is still not convincing me are the two digit (01) at the end of the NSN, in addition how a single contract could have been awarded to two different Companies?.
  5. This WWII MSA liner has been found in a VN era M1. It is in very good condition and complete of all components even the leather chinstrap, which has been temporarily removed to be "Pecardized" Your opinion please...
  6. EM recognition bar are orizontal not vertical :emba0005:
  7. Control stamps on the inide of the shell
  8. I received this M1 shell as a freebye long time ago. Is a rear seam swivel bales, on the inside 4 black ink stamps reads "Control 687" Major Rank insignia is welded on front, 91st ID Emblems are painted in bright green enamel on both sides. Rockinbones
  9. Back side, note markings below the rear panel
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