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  1. Here's my late model Dodge WC51, probably built early Feb 1945 (6/7th Feb). Bought it in Norway at one of the last auctions of ex WW2 vehicles, in April 1994. Vehicle was in very good mechanical condition with a freshly renovated engine, axles, but with the gearbox's reverse gear in lesser good shape. Probably some Norwegian soldier trying to put it in reverse while still moving forward... It had a re-paint with RAL-6014 OD (100% matte/flat) paint in May this year. It's marked as an ambulance of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy, late 1944 (Dec) or early 1945. It starred in a shor
  2. Hello Cesar, It would be great to visit the old FEB battlegrounds. When are you planning to go? We have a group of 10-15 vehicles, Jeeps, Dodge's and GMC's going to Normandy for the 65th Anniversary. We will ship out our vehicles by ferry-boat from Gothenburg to Gent in Belgium. We'll go from there and camp just 300 meters from the US Cemetary. I have been to Normandy three times, 1984, 1989 and 1994, and I have a feeling that this must be the last time that any number of veterans will be traveling to Normandy. I had plans last year to take my Dodge WC51 by boat from Gothenbu
  3. Sorry, it's a GMC CCKW 352 (the short model)... Goran N
  4. GMC CCKW 353 combo. Note trailer. As always, Goran N Sweden
  5. Good books about Medics during WW 2 are not easy to find. I'm glad I did find this book a while back: Combat Medic World War II, by John A. Kerner M.D. By ibooks, inc. 24 West 25th Street New York, NY 10010 ISBN 1-59687-316-7 "The dramatic account of saving lives shattered by the savagery of war" "From Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge and beyond, Kerner vividly recounts the deadly chaos of medical care in combat-from triage in the middle of battle, to transport from the front lines, to surgery in field hospitals. Medical units under his charge pushed through western E
  6. The BARV in the first picture, the one restored and that can be found in the UK, originally came out of the Pounds Yard in Portsmouth. As always, Goran N
  7. Here's one of my all-time favorite WW2 color picture: A Dodge WC51 ambulance either crossing the Siegfried line or crossing somewhere in Italy. As always, Goran N Sweden
  8. Here are two pictures of Dr John Kerner's Dodge WC51 from the last post:
  9. It's a shame, really, having all those Jeeps, GMC's and lately Dodge's marked as Airborne vehicles. The young generations growing up must wonder, when seeing WW2 MV's gathered, if WW2 was fought and won exclusively by 101'st and 82 AB? Dare to be different! The Dodge WC5 1 was indeed used in the ambulance role. A WC51 could take 5 stretchers in the back, with some overhead cover for the patients. Dodge's, both WC51 and the "real" ambulance, the WC54, had red crosses painted on the grille. Many examples of this practice during WW2 can be found. The red crosses in the backof the WC51, on ea
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