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  1. Hi Rick, That particular patch actually has a lot of meaning to me. It was 40+ years ago. I was with my parents visiting my fathers childhood friend in Long Beach, CA. It was a Saturday and on the way back from lunch we stopped at a garage sale. An older lady, or at least she seemed old to me at the time, was holding the sale. Odd that I can still see her face. Dad, as he always did, asked if she had anything military related for sale. She said her husband was a Marine pilot during the war but the only thing she had left was a book. Dad asked if he could see the book and she went to the house to retrieve it. For the life of me I cannot remember what the book was. But I do remember him opening the front cover of the book and that patch falling out on the table. I think he paid $20 for the book and the patch. As dad did not collect WW2 at the time (he collected WW1 USMC) he eventually sold the patch to his good friend Jeff Millstein. You will notice that dad is mentioned in Jeff's book. I recently had the chance to buy a nice example (on canvas) which reminds me of that day with dad. Hard to believe that he has been gone almost a year now. Thought I would post it here as a base material variation (same decal) Thanks for posting it. Loved seeing it again.
  2. Kampfgeschwader is a combat squadron. The (J) stands for Jagdgeschwader or fighter squadron. Has nothing to do with paratroopers (Fallschrimjäger)
  3. Not as far as I know (but would love to be wrong on this one) Typically you would need the dogs Discharge Certificate to know when/where he/she served.
  4. Paul Spivey was also transferred to the 1st Replacement Depot but not until July 1 and he did make it in the photo. Here is a shot of Spivey's uniform
  5. I don't think Wilcox made it into the group photo. The photo was taken on June 17, 1919 and it would seem that Wilcox was transferred to the 1st Replacement Depot (St.Aignan) on June 12
  6. How they are identified on the piece of paper which came with the photo (from the 73rd vet)
  7. There are only four (4) officers pictured in the group photo and they are identified as follows (L > R) 2nd Lt. Kirkpatrick, Capt. Duncan, 2nd Lt. Darnell, 2nd Lt. Connette
  8. Hello Robert, In May 1919 there were five (5) officers assigned to the 73rd Company, including Wilcox as a 1st Lt.
  9. Recently picked this up for my doggie collection. Has anyone seen a tag like this before? Do you know, were they made by other cities as well? Thanks for the help.
  10. Nice patch Jerry. Agree with Ron that it looks blue. Most likely Military Police.
  11. Never get tired of seeing these super China marine items. Thanks for posting. A beautiful piece.
  12. That is super cool Dave. Love the illustration. Thanks for sharing it. Anyone else?
  13. Great piece Robert. Thank you. I have never seen one for sale.
  14. Robert, Love your patch on the blanket as well (which is different from mine). If you could show it again here that would be awesome Thank you
  15. I picked up these recently and thought I would share. Pigeon material is pretty cool and not all that easy to find (for me at least) Would love to see more of it if you guys have something to share. Thanks
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