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    Shores of Lake Erie
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    1. Preserving the history of Our Greatest Generation - and doing it with dignity, class and respect.<br /><br />2. Collecting Airborne and Troop Carrier items.<br /><br />3. Unofficial head of the Midwest Chapter of the John "Jake" Powers Fan Club
  1. Some folks really need to do their homework. Geez. :thumbdown:
  2. It is amazing and disheartening as to just how many people sell fakes nowadays. At times, is seems like the people and or sellers you can trust could only fit in a phone booth.
  3. Just picked up a 101st Uniform with the patches ripped off. No clue who it belonged to. Rich
  4. James is a good guy. Great items and excellent, prompt service. Rich
  5. Well I guess I understand why my post was removed from the helmet section. I thought this helmet looked familiar. Wow. Did the auction end? Rich
  6. Very sad. He will be missed. Always a fixture of the Berea Gun Shows. Thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. Rich
  7. I agree. I seem to remember this seller always having the elaborate, totally decked-out Airborne uniforms for sale one right after another. IF I'm correct, this seller offered for sale a reproduction 101st AB Type 8 advertised as 'original.' currahee506
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/U-S-WW-II-508th-PIR-82...457559943770607 Would love a few 'expert' opinions on this. Does it look right?
  9. Also - for what it's worth - I know Maurer's Family! Rich
  10. Easy502 - do you have a first name? I'm assuming your are Manu?? Rich
  11. No shill bidding going on whatsoever. I know the seller - he's a straight-up class act. Rich
  12. My self and some others got the same 'get a life' response. I applaud everyone for trying to do the right thing. Just another example of why we need to look out for each other.
  13. He has 100% feedback. BUT..... He has advertised numerous alleged "RARE" WWII 101st patches that are what would appear to be the same ones offered for sale by National Capital Historical Sales. At least NCHS states their items are reproductions. Mark Bando has a great 101st Airborne Eagle Patch book out that I suggest anyone interested in collecting 101st patches purchase. It is a minimal investment that could save you lots o' $$ down the road. Rich
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180537424378 And the seller claims it's real... he tested it. :thumbdown: :thumbdown: Rich
  15. Kurt, in this instance, this is what I have been told. Frickin scary. I know next to nothing about wings. I didn't know the difference.
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