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  1. I absolutely loved seeing this grouping earlier this year and only fitting you share it again now. A wonderful piece of Bastogne-related 101st history!
  2. Yep, I'm going to say that this Hispanic Marine was merely proud of his heritage/branch of service and decide to showcase it by personalizing his blade a bit.
  3. Keith, perhaps that Laurent Olivier? He's also on Facebook.
  4. A wonderful assortment of 34th items you have, guys. Thanks for sharing some of the rich history of this hard-fighting division! It's a tough unit to find things for and when you do, they usually go for big money.
  5. Beautiful collection, Bartek! Thank you for sharing with us!
  6. Amazingly beautiful, historic and as you pointed out, rare! Thank you for sharing, Eric, I always enjoying your top-shelf FSSF collection!
  7. Outstanding assortment, Sam, and it's been wonderful to watch your collection grow into something so impressive!
  8. Great grouping, Ron! Judging by the size and completeness of everything, it looks like you've done a great job of keeping everything together.
  9. Beautiful and impressive collection, Graham! These are some truly rare Force pieces you have in the collection.
  10. Goodness Neil, that ones a stunner! Glad to see you had success posting in the want ads and thanks for posting.
  11. Dustin, you truly make the study of rations fun and fascinating. Thanks as always for education us!
  12. I remember the Ebay auction as well. He had it listed for approximately $5,000 buy it now and it stayed up for a long while (in fact there was some discussion here about it, IIRC). I'm not sure if he ever found a buyer for it though. And Mark, I never get tired of looking at your ration collection.
  13. Finally just noticed this posting from last Fall and just wanted to say what a fantastic example you have there! It was a grail item for me and literally took years to find an example myself (also Driset). You're absolutely right, the distilled water bottles pop up quite often, but hardly ever do you see someone that has kept the actual dried human plasma for 70+ years!
  14. It just keeps getting better with each post you make. A truly beautiful and outstanding collection - thanks for continuing to share with us!
  15. Can't wait to add this one to the library, Dustin. Your passion certainly needed to be put into print. Please let us know when you receive any additional updates from Elm Grove Publishing!
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