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  1. There's some value to be had from taking your time and doing it right, the first time...but if there's a reason to rush, then timeliness has a value all its own. The only thing I can add to what's above is to ensure that whatever you put together is symmetrical (dress right dressed) when you get it all arranged. These things are a labor of love, best wishes as you move forward. Please post your "draft" work, or final product before you present it. Steve
  2. Crasher, No answer to your radio set question, but I did find that you'll need VHF sets for your LH display (hope that's not a DUH comment for you). Recommend you get a copy of "Closing with the Enemy" by Michael Doubler, 1994 (ISBN: 0-7006-0744-7). The subtitle is How GIs fought the war in Europe, 1944-45. It has a great chapter about the evolution of the 'Air-Ground Battle Team,' including the integration of VHF sets into Shermans for FACs, and how the ground commanders learned to rely on the air support. Very interesting! Steve
  3. Gorgeous! Enjoy it. Steve
  4. One of the teachers at my HS (back in the 80s) did this, only for Indian Wars period. This was in NJ, but he had the whole kit, including carbine and saber (which may well have been original). Hooked me, and he wasn't even my teacher! Steve
  5. This makes me think we need a "LIKE" button here on the Forum!
  6. I agree with Leigh, nice add to your collection! These were not authorized insignia, so may not have been made to the full specs of GI insignia. Steve
  7. Civilian hunting shirt, IMHO. What size is it? I could be interested for that purpose... Steve
  8. Couple thoughts on wearing the boots: 1) a coat of polish applied and then brushed off will help the leather look better and be more waterproof. The polish will help to delay drying out the leather. 2) a pair of shoe trees will help them dry out better and retain the shape. Cedar is best, and will help to camoflage some of the odor. 3) foot powder (GI or civilian) is great stuff. The blue bottle Gold Bond brand is my favorite. But any of it is to help keep the feet dry. 4) I second the suggestions above about 2 pairs of socks. Enjoy them! If you take care of them, you can
  9. Lapel pin (unofficial). Key indicators are the wording around the insignia and the small size, relative to a DUI. The division insignia would be larger, without wording. Steve
  10. That buckle with the bullet halves on it is really cool!
  11. Those look to me like the "standard issue" (dangerous term...) made in Germany 2d Division stars, embroidered on shirt material. I've seen one or 2 sheets for sale, but don't own a sheet. Nice to have, and one of these days, I'd like to add a set to my collection. Steve
  12. Some interesting buckles in this thread: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/215315-this-mornings-finds-752-tank-bn-buckle-and-other-things/?hl=%2Bsterling+%2Bcib+%2Bvintage
  13. I'm amazed at the wide variety of these buckles. Many of these buckles, especially the Navy ones, exhibit amazing craftsmanship! Thanks for sharing, Steve
  14. Tremendous improvement, well done! How does it shoot? That's the really important part Steve
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