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  1. Thank you for the information and your insight, confirms and adds more to what little I thought I knew, and you explained it much better than I could have. I've learned a few things with my collecting of weapons..... 1) I know enough to know that l don't know enough! 2) The more I learn, the more I learn I need to learn more!
  2. I did a search and didn't turn up any definitive answers. So I'm somewhat confused. I've always bought the item and not the story. Yesterday I recieved a P1853 bayonet for my Afghanistan bring-back P1853 Snider-Enfield dated 1863, (Not a Khyber Pass copy). After I cleaned it up a bit and oiled it, I was able to make out W A with a B 54 beneath that. My limited internet search turned up a possible match to a R & W A or Richard & William Aston made bayonet, and of course the B 54 being the Birmingham Inspection mark. There is no Crown or Broad Arrow
  3. Been thinking about it today, I was in an Air FAC - Ground FAC unit at the time, and we had some ROMADS in the unit. So the helmet might have been from one of the previous ROMADS.
  4. Thank you, upstairs in 98% done, there are two major projects downstairs. Then I'll convert the garage and make it the new miliraria/gun room.....Well I'll convert it IF we decide to stay here. Cool trivia about that helmet. If you pull the liner out there is a receipt dated Aug 1988 from the Rhein Main AB NCO Club. The wife had just arrived in Germany, we were staying at the Rhein Main Hotel for a few days before moving into our off base government quarters. We were in the middle of a Mobility/Chem Ex and as long as I was outside of any quarters I had to have my MOPP g
  5. So in my opinion it's not a crew patch, morale patch or a TDY patch. With it having the AFSOC and ARSOAC emblems it might be a Joint Exercise commemorative patch or just a commemorative patch of sorts. I just can't figure out the significance of the 55 and what the emblem behind the 55 is or represents.
  6. Oh and the 1st SOS used the call sign Stray, again coming from the Stray Goose project. I honestly don't know if the Goose and Stray call signs carried over to later Special Operations MC-130s or not. Another thing is the emblem behind the 55 would be a backwards S, which is weird, and I don't see it being a G either, so I'm at a loss on this. Oh and on the previous post the 711th SOS decal was on my Jeep. I had to take a picture of it before I turned it over to the insurance company. I was with Talon I units 3 times. 7th SOS, 39th SOW Jul 88-Jul 92
  7. I'll throw a curve into this, the 711th SOS out of Duke Field, Florida flew the MC-130E Combat Talon I and their call sign was Goose. The MC-130E was a part of the Stray Goose Project, and where the Goose call sign originated. I don't know if the Goose call sign carried over to the MC-130H Comabt Talon II or to other AFSOC units or not.
  8. Here's mine.....Vietnam era shell, WWII era liner, woodland camouflage cover with some sort of netting over that. When I signed into my first unit on 05 May 1986, this was how this helmet was issued to me in my chem bag. When I left the unit in Jun 1988, I put a Plain Jane M1 helmet (Vietnam era shell and liner) in the bag in its place. This helmet followed me around the rest of my career. I don't know who had it before me, the strap around the shell is a leg strap from a M17 gas mask carrier and was on there when I got it. The name on the strap is mine. O
  9. I've been compiling a list of all the Heat Stamp numbers I can find for the M1917 helmet. So far this is what I've been able to find. I've read of a possible W second letter unknown, and a ZL and ZM, but I've yet to see an example of those three. I also don't know of there are additional Z ones. Every so often I get bored and hit the auction sites, various militaria sites to see if I can find more. If anyone has any examples not listed I'd be apprentice if you would let me know, or an example of the three possible ones listed. Known Heat-Stamp Markings of WWI American
  10. Markings aren't an issue with me, as long as it looks like the ones we carried I'm happy. If they were like ARs and I would build one, an put the SN of the one I carried during Desert Storm on it. For some stupid reason, I still have the AF From 1297 Temporary Issue Receipt from it. But that is just dreaming. So like I said the markings are not an issue with me. Just like any M15 S&W I find won't be marked for the AF also.
  11. Again thank you to all that responded and answered my questions, and then some. Yalls knowledge was/is highly appreciated. I'm now pricing parts and looking for the parts to build a facsimile of the M16 we used in the 80s when I joined. Again thank you to all that replied and shared your knowledge with me. So I have an AR15 facsimile of the M16A2 Got a line on a Beretta M9 Commercial for the M9 Beretta In the process of finding everything for a facsimile M16 build Hunting for a S&W 4 inch barrel M-15 in any of the following revisions 15-1, 15-2, 15
  12. Were our pre M16A2 guns also void of the shell deflector?
  13. All I can remember is the M16s we fired at Basic had the Atchisson Device on them, and they literally jammed every other round. Looked at my Basic Training book, while we didn't get pictures at the range, I found pictures in it from the same era. From the Basic book, looks just like yall said, no forward assist, and I can't really tell, but maybe a 3 prong suppressor. Two shots of the clearest pic is shown, plus two other pictures show the Atchisson Device on the rifles. So I would need to do a none Forward Assisted build with either a 3 prong or Bird Cage suppressor w
  14. I was in the USAF from Jan 86 to Sept 08, and I'm wanting to do representations of the weapons I carried while I was in. Which were the M16A1 (I assume, I know the had triangular handguards), M16A2, 38 S&W and Beretta M9. I seem to remember that the M16s we used in the USAF were mutts a lot of times. Trying to locate my Basic Training book (Yearbook), to see what the M16s looked like when we went to the range. I have an AR15 done up like the M16A2 we carried later, with the round handguards, fixed sight rail with the later style rear sight, etc. I'm wanting to do a
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