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  1. I think I may just list mine in the FS forum as soon as I can take pics. If anyone's interested, shoot me a PM. I'm thinking ~$30. Thanks again for the interesting discussion; it's a nice jacket, and since I have a "salty" desert woodland one I use for chores already, I may just spare this one the same fate!
  2. Here are a few pics of mine. Note the snaps and Goretex tag (which I believe says "I-83"near the stitching on the back; perhaps 1983?).
  3. In the Air Force, we just wore the rank tab on the front -- no name. We still do the same with our APECS jackets now, which I still find a bit odd.
  4. I lied -- mine DOES have the scalloped pockets, but the rank tab has a hidden snap (not visible, as in the photos in post # 8). And yes, the camo pattern runs "sideways."
  5. ^^ That's close, but I don't think mine has the scalloped pockets. ^^
  6. I'll look it over more closely when I get home, but offhand, I think it's almost identical to my later, USGI-issued Goretex with the exception of non-subdued buttons (and no buttons at all on the hood). Thanks, all!
  7. Thanks, fellas. Only pic I have is of the tag. It came from someone who field-used it, but I didn't notice that it was an "oddball" jacket until it was too late to ask him where it was acquired. Perhaps it was a private purchase, but it was certainly used in military service. I never pass one of these up if the price is right; they are great chore jackets!
  8. I picked up a "Raven" brand US-made Goretex this weekend from a military member, and wondered whether they were any more desirable to collectors than your usual, garden-variety woodland Goretexes. It would make a fine chore jacket, but it's unique enough (lining and snaps are quite different than the other Goretexes I have) that I am hesitant to do so. Any comments would be appreciated; thanks in advance!
  9. I looked at local death records and may have a hit. A younger John Florida Jr passed away not too long ago, and his obit mentioned he was born to a John Anthony Florida from Effingham, IL. Effingham is just down the road from us. Perhaps this John A. Florida is our man; I need to do some more digging to find out whether he was a veteran. My guess is it may well be him, and I think the first record mentioned by emccomas may match. The one death record I found matched birth dates. Now, if just I can learn a bit more about his service. Thanks again, everyone!
  10. Sorry, I am in Charleston, IL. A local man sold this to a gentleman here in town. The seller claimed to be the recipient's son, but obviously may have relocated here.
  11. Thanks, gents. I am curious as to who this might have been. I wish I knew a bot more about the family (i.e. whether he was from around this area). I could then search his hometown newspaper archives for any mention of his wound(s). I'll keep looking, too. Thanks again!
  12. Hello gents -- I just acquired a Purple Heart (actually a replacement medal, I think) awarded to a PFC John. A. Florida for wounds received in Cherbourg in July, 1944. I have searched (via Google) for ages and not found any record of PFC Florida. Any tips on how I might learn more about this gentleman? I would love to know more about him. The medal came with a copy of the certificate, which reads that the medal was awarded on "THIS 18th DAY OF July 1985." Can I assume that the medal is a replacement from that date, or is it possible he was not awarded the medal until such a late date?
  13. Can anyone shed any light on just what these are? I wonder where they rounded up enough original ponchos to do a catalog listing for these? Interesting! http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/used-us-military-surplus-wwii-poncho.aspx?a=1562308 I'm a total novice on these, and am looking to you all for advice on these, by the way. I don't mean to insinuate that SG is selling fakes, just genuinely curious. Thanks! EDIT: just found this prior discussion -- http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/143744-authenticity-check-wwii-ponchos/?hl=%2Bsportsmans+%2Bguide&do=f
  14. PM sent -- if you still have these, I could put them to use!
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