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  1. We are sadly cancelling the Military show in Apr 18-19, the Govener of the state said no gatherings over 250 people and the State Fair has cancelled all events into May. We are pushing everthing into the Oct 3-4 show hoping this is cleared up by then, Tom, PaulM and Jerry
  2. The Show is about a month and 1/2 away info here on our new web sight. www.mspmilitaryshow.com
  3. The show has about 240 tables, its been as high as 300 thats what we are shooting for. Oct 3-4 2020, I will put the table count on the websight the new one just went up a few days ago. Thanks Tom
  4. Show dates are set for the 2020 Militarys shows MPLS/SAINT PAUL Minneosta. Spring Dates are Apr 18-19 2020 Fall 2020 Dates are Oct 3-3 We have a new Web Page up for the show also here is the link.. www.mspmilitaryshow.com Thanks Tom, Paul M and Jerry R
  5. Thanks for the positive coments on the websight, sadly the moderators on this forum allow clowns like William to play games. Tom Pearson
  6. Ok, Guys I will be adding some Japanese items and some other things through Monday. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I am hoping this is better than selling things on Ebay the fees are crazy high. Tom
  8. https://deltavintagemilitaria.com I will be adding items weekly and tweeking the sight. I am thinking every Sunday, Monday new items will be added as things start going. Thanks for checking it out. Tom
  9. Yes, the Spring show days are set for Apr 18-19 2020. Thanks Tom
  10. The Show is closing in on a sell out about 18 Tables remaing.
  11. The best Military show in the five state Area dont miss it!!
  12. Ok thanks thats a too bad but will sell as a repo my mistake Tom
  13. Hi, guys I picked this patch up and wanted to make sure it is original before I sell? any help would be great Thankjs Tom
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