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    Looking for web gear by S.FROEHLICH AND BOYT.

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  1. Sorry to here this. Loved his Posts. My condolences to his family.


  2. No one have any detailed info on this subject?... Ken,We don't need boats were i'm at,We have grown webbed feet ... Cheers, Dave.
  3. Unsigned are worth more i hear :w00t: ...One of your last malvern show Ken i think?. Dave.
  4. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=1062 I have only ever seen a couple of AFH.co 1943,More Wood 43 and lots Ames 43.But all seem a bit thin on the ground at the moment,More so in NOS condition as them in quoted thread..They are the only three makers of the tool i know of.. Dave.
  5. Hi Ken,Nice to hear from you.I fancy building a couple for a display i have in mind relating to the Rapido river crossing,You got any specs for any of the type in your foot locker?..I have some basic stuff but nothing firm to use.When we went Italy last year a guy in casino "aquired" a paddle from a farm, the farmer was using to get his pizzas out of the oven near the Rapido.So there was a big chance it was used by 36th.So that got me a finking :thumbsup: Something unusual and kinda usefull as well :w00t: .. If any one can help i'd be greatfull. Cheers, Dave.
  6. Guy's,, I'm looking for specifications and information regarding the Assault Boat M1,M2,M3.Folding and Ridged General purpose Boat.Also Paddle specs etc... Many Thanks, Dave.
  7. I have QM3-2 MAY 1946 issue.Only a few differences. Cheers, Dave.
  8. bilko *Deceased*

    Shirt ID

    Original shirt spec lable..
  9. bilko *Deceased*

    SV Boots

    nowt like em...... They are like type II service shoes.
  10. bilko *Deceased*

    SV Boots

    Sole Vibram,Issued to 1 RNGR in england.Direct copy of the "British" commando boot but cap toe ruff out..Sole was made by Itshide with 9 diamond and was screwed to the boot. There are pictures of 3RNGR members using these in italy as well.. Dave.
  11. Steve, If you know of one forsale please PM me with details.I've been looking for this quite a bit now. Cheers, Dave.
  12. I need to fill a gap of issue... The FSSF was the first issue that i know of around sept 43 pria[after acceptace at ft lee june 43] to deplyment to the mto,Then i have 30/2 of 3ID doing there trial march/april 44 at anzio. Has any one info of the autherisation for combat trial in Italy and if the FSSF took the "trial" examples with them... I'm looking for stats,Yeh sad i know.. Thanks, Dave.
  13. Ken,Do you think you have scratched the surface where you are?.And do you think you will head "south"?.. can't believe how time has flown since you signed my/your book...Your doing sterling work as normandy "warco" .. Regards, Dave..
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