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  1. hello Sir.. pretty sure the lids were not an issue item at anytime...it's a modern Bushcraft /camping item.. I was an (1980's-90's) Infantry soldier ( 11Bravo) and it was hit or miss that your supply N.C.O would even order that item much less the trioxane heat tabs to go with it..i was lucky to get one and used it to heat up (not cook) my ramen soup,tea and MRE entrée..I still have few genuine stoves to this day..watch out for china made cheap copys,find a genuine item..vince g. 11B Infantry..
  2. hi folks.. these are indeed British Army issue..part of the pattern 1944 items of jungle kit..these knife ,fork, spoon sets (KFS) came in both large and small sizes ...those sets are nicely made and are getting harder to find ,also never used by the U.S. Military. vince g.11b Inf.
  3. way ahead of you sir...found a new set of green jungle boots $20, ww2 wool M-38 enlisted mans over coat in like new condition for $17, countless tan tee shirts ,many M-34 wool blankets and woodland BDU's.. also have the free worlds last known supply of trioxane heat tabs I got for free from a thrift store..vince g. 11B Inf.
  4. hi all..it looks like a British ww2 kit bag to me....does not appear to be U.S. issue..vince g. 11B INF.
  5. the pouch in question is a South African Army issue webbing pouch, either a radio pouch or ration pouch..it has a bogus U.S. stamp from the seller eager to get rid of these pouches..vince g. 11B INFANTRY.
  6. hello.. that bag you have is a USAF ML-3 long range survival kit container...most likely from the 1950's but could have been used into the 60's ,70's..it was carried in air transports,air cargo and early bombers of that time...the serial number was for the survival rifle either an M-4 or M-6 rifle both in .22 hornet...because of it's size it could carry a lot of survival equipment etc. and could be secured to the parachute harness of a crewman on bailout..vince g.11B Inf.
  7. I agree the camo is British DPM...vince g. 11B Inf.
  8. their should be a white tag glued or sewn to one of the inside ends ...given the OG color of the item I would say 1970's or 80's ..these are a very common item and were issued (at least in the Army) at C.I.F when you got to your duty station ,these were not part of your basic clothing bag issue...you can find baskets of these at your local surplus store during fall and winter...vince g. 11Bravo Infantry.
  9. yes it's a U.S. Military issue wool muffler or was a issue item... it is or was part of the cold weather clothing outfit issued to the U.S. Military. you can wear it around your neck or wear it on your head as a wooly hat by pulling one of the openings back on the wool tube about six to ten inches and then pull the open end over your head... vince g. 11B Inf.
  10. hi Big Al ..those pouches are not U.S. Army issue or any U.S. issue item..they appear to be greek stuff stamped with U.S. ...by the way the ARVN never issued the M-14 rifle...vince g. 11B Infantry
  11. Hi Brother, for me it was a well used M-45 combat field pack my dad got me at YATES Army and Navy surplus here in Phx, Arizona 1968,i was about 5 years old..i used it for a long time but can't remember what happened to it..anyway I got a near new one a few years back just for old time sake.. vince g. 11B Inf.
  12. Hi , those pants are NOT U.S. they are Canadian Army pattern -1949 battle dress pants...the British and common wealth used battle dress right up into the 1960's...nice pants use them for hunting or cold weather camping. vince g. 11B Inf
  13. simple ,someone took the slide lock keepers(ALICE clips) off the carrier they are easy to replace.. find some extra clips and the radio and your good to go! vince g. 11B Inf
  14. anelles I do think your right on the an/prc-68 sqd. ldr. radio ...the radio that came after this was the an/prc-126 sqd. ldr.radio...I was a Army 11 Bravo Light Infantry soldier in the mid 1980's and used both types of those small radios for commo between the Infantry squad leaders and the Platoon leader/CO. which had the an/prc-77 for commo...the side pocket on the pouch held the "tape" antenna and flexible base like shown in the pic. and the front pocket held an extra battery for the radio..the two black elastic things went over studs on the front of the radio and helped to keep the radio i
  15. not U.S. , these items are south African army a "kidney pouches"..vince g.11B Inf.
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