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  1. I'm new to the EGA collecting world. Does "Alec" have a published book that would be of help to me? Semper Fi Murray
  2. I for one like it when e-bay items are posted and talked about. Being new to the EGA collecting world, you guys have saved me a bunch of money by pointing out the fakes. Semper Fi Murray
  3. Jerry I can't send a reply or picture today for some reason. I will have my son look at it. The flag is like yours but has 17 languages with english in the top center. As soon as I can send pictures I will. Murray
  4. (503) 302-3748 Semper Fi Murray
  5. Hi Jerry....I like your mid war display. Maybe you can help me with a few things? I'm a Marine Corps Emblem collector but was given several things belonging to the late Bernie Hines. I know that he was in the Flying Tigers. The things I received are: A silk flag like the one you have in the display. A bunch of silver India and Berma coins. A very small compass. A booklet of 101 songs you love to sing. Several nice patches(some like the one you have stitched in silver thread)A 1911 Infantry Drill Regulations (small blue book) and a small gun sight looking thing and a carved cigar box with the l
  6. Great........do you know anyone stationed in Gitmo. I was there in the 90's and spent many hours standing OD and enjoyed looking at the pictures of the former commanding officers in their best dress uniforms dating back as far as there were photos taken. I mention this because in most cases their EGA's were quite visible. Maybe one of you could e-mail the command and get copies for the reference section. The uniforms alone were pieces of art and worth looking at. Additionally, the command had an historical officer who may be of help. Semper Fi Murray
  7. Just outstanding!! Are you and Mike still on active duty? Murray
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