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    1). AAF 90th Bomb Group related items.
    A-2's, group insignia, squadron insignia, unit histories.

    2). Vietnam U.S. Army Aviation Insignia.
    "In-country" made items.

    3). German W.W.II insignia, especially items still attached
    to remains of the uniform. "Cutoff" insignia.
  1. Okinawa made USMC pocket patch. Great design. Ron Burkey had one of his site awhile back also with out any ID
  2. Here's mine I just picked up. Like you couldn't find much information.
  3. BIG "THANKYOU" to all who have kept this thread going! Some great items have been posted here over the years. Thanks again! Howard
  4. Here's a bush hat I just picked up with the Pony Express patch sewn to the side. To the front is a Laotian 3rd Military Region Special Guerrilla Unit wing.
  5. Not sure where the Laotian badge was made, here's a photo showing the reverse.
  6. Ever so often in this hobby you find something that's not in the best of condition.....but the rarity of the item speaks for it's self. This is one of those items. It is worn, has holes and has seen better days. This "Duster" hat or bush hat is named to a member of the USAF 20th Special Operations Squadron ("Pony Express") that flew Counterinsurgency flights into Laos and North Vietnam. They helped to transport supplies and SOG recon teams that were composed of indigenous personnel. To the front is a metal "wing" with 3rd MR. S.G.U. These must have been given to the owner from a member of
  7. Vietnam 1st Avn. Armband. This piece came from the estate sale of country music artist Penny DeHaven. Aslo found in this link. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/212982-vietnam-patch-hat-grouping/
  8. Trying to determine the time period of this VMF-214 patch. Fully embroidered. Hope the photos are good enough to determine time period. Many thanks, Howard
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