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  1. Hey boss what is on the black wooden pencil (how is it marked)?
  2. Yes the museum has reopened I think it closed in October
  3. There are a ton of photos of the stenciled or painted chevrons and some of the sewn on. It seems a slightly larger amout stenciled or painted and many different variations of the stenciled/painted types. White nametapes with stenciled names AND some names stenciled directly to the coveralls. I have 4 training base "year books" that have the nametapes on the coveralls and mostly over the left breast pocket. Scott
  4. Very true fellas, we would arrive 2 hours prior to take off OR been working all night to get a jet up. As for EVERYBODY being considered ground crew not hardly. We on the flightline and back shops really don't like being associated with finance and the other non flightline types (now called "nonners") we seem to be considered dirty low lifes by many now in the office type jobs. Scott
  5. SWEET! Does it say where he went through mechanics school at? (Kelly field)??
  6. The truely forgotten ones most of the time are the ground crews.
  7. I was curious as the area looked REAL FAMILIAR!! LOL
  8. Leather palmed woolen gloves. https://www.atthefrontshop.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=USPMLPG
  9. if it's a "43" with a zipper and buttons on the flaps it's actually a 51.
  10. The 43 liners are basically an "inner coat" They don't button in the 43's
  11. I have my dress uniform and am in work on my HBT coveralls with USAF stripes.
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