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  1. Thanks for that USMCRECON. Exactly what was said in my first post. Cheers.
  2. Just art, with a big A. Splendid.
  3. Best selling items all over Vietnam at tourist spots. Wholesale price is 2 bucks a piece in VN but retail price run over 45 USD in the US or Europe. Just think about that. Don't believe me ? so just ask for famous web adress. Same thing about GI's dog tags. See my post about that.
  4. Not VNAF. Some USAF Skyraiders was on Nakhon Phanom Air base, Thaïland, as the 602 SOS and 56 SOWg.
  5. Thanks to you all. Close up picture of collar insignia :
  6. This shirt is dated 1969. Pretty good condition, but collar insignia make me speechless.
  7. Tigerstripes products US made. Look http://www.tigerstripeproducts.com/php3fe0...ucts.php?cat=17
  8. Close up picture of snaps please. USPS shipping costs to France (Europe) with tracking number ?
  9. Thank you so much 101. This is the very best answer to my post. Wailuna and Varangian, congrats too. Have a good day all of you.
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