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    My interests include military items from the civil war to present. I tend to focus on Army, but have a little of every branch represented in my collection. I do collect some foreign items, but only things which were popular capture and take home items. I have been collecting since age 12, and I am now 28 so that pretty much makes half of my young life collecting. If you want to know anything else... Just ask.

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  1. If interested, I just posted Marlin M. Lairds flight bag on Ebay. I found this only after doing some research on him.
  2. That's it: any info on the camouflage helmet would be appreciated. Would this be considered Normandy camouflage?
  3. Just got these in today from the estate of a 69th division Captain. His helmet is also pictured. They are both in great shape.. The camouflage one is the best I have ever seen. Luftwaffe eagle still visible under the paint. These came out of his trunk that nobody had opened for years.
  4. This rifle still had carbon on the bolt, clearly this rifle was brought home and never touched again
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