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    Pre-1975 USAF Squadron Patches.
    623rd AC&W Squadron
    Pre-75 Squadrons from Bergstrom AFB
    Items relating to Stinson Field in San Antonio

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  1. 545th Bomb Sqdn. is close but there is no headdress being worn.
  2. Thanks everyone. Very helpful.
  3. Sorry no photos. What does everyone think of the 453rd BG patch on EBAY Here is a link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-US-Army-Air-Force-453rd-Bomb-Group-8th-Air-Force-Squadron-Patch-Unknown/313062254500
  4. The Horse patch is USAF Pilot Class 70-G from Randolph AFB
  5. Thanks for the information.
  6. Has anyone done any business with the EBAY seller sargeduane? What are some opinions of the patch at the following link? Thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/1960s-70s-ERA-47TH-TACTICAL-FIGHTER-SQUADRON-PATCH-50-MISSIONS-USP3680/223888489412?hash=item3420cb3bc4:g:m8MAAOSwunNeNJ93
  7. What does everyone think of the EBAY item sold today. Any opinions? .https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pre-WWII-US-flying-Tigers-China-double-headed-white-bird-squadron-patch-pin-/352952577294
  8. Found the id of the "Airfoil" wing: Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences which was formed in 1932.
  9. You are correct on the General Dynamics pin. Thank you. Now for the other pin. I did find out the person who owned this pin was a USAF pilot who was also an engineer.
  10. Found a batch of military and aviation service pins and the two shown were in the group. Does anyone recognize them or are they even military/aviation related? One of them looks like an airfoil with the air flow over the wing but that is only a guess. Any assistance is appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know what this pin may be? It was found with a lot of 50-60-s military pins. Sorry for the foggy look. Thanks
  12. Any ideas on this pin?
  13. Thanks Randy. It is a nice patch but looks to much lake a baseball related patch.
  14. Does anyone know what MIF means on the shown class patch? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys. Always appreciated.
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