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  1. I have a photo of my grandfather wearing an Ike jacket circa 1957/58. Justin
  2. When are you going to post a group shot? :w00t: Justin
  3. Hello, Here is a quick and easy way to see examples of engraving for different medals. Simply click this link for Google images: http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=ii Copy and paste this phrase: site:usmilitariaforum.com Type "engraved" and then the name of medal afterward. Examples: site:usmilitariaforum.com engraved air medal site:usmilitariaforum.com engraved silver star site:usmilitariaforum.com engraved purple heart I hope this has been of help. Justin
  4. Guys! Please search for ebay seller "3590" on this forum. His stuff is crap. None of his items should be considered legit. Justin
  5. Fantastic display! I love things like this. Very interesting to see the personal side of things during the Great War. Justin
  6. Great item to ad to your collection, thanks for showing. Justin
  7. The second GI from the right wears this camo suit The rest wear custom made snow camo. Full suits being worn... GI with full suit (on right of tank destroyer) Justin
  8. Yes I am, I sent you a message. :thumbsup:
  9. Try these links: http://www.wwiimemorial.com/default.asp?pa...;subpage=search http://aad.archives.gov/aad/fielded-search...WR26&bc=,sl Justin
  10. They almost look like cloth type DIs, but I may be wrong. Justin
  11. This is an original 1942 (also has a '72 reissue stamp) British heavy snow smock as issued by the thousands to US troops in the winter during the Battle of the Bulge. This smock is a VERY large size with a 57" waist! The smock is made of a very heavy white material and has typical wear/smudges for its age. It is in great condition and has all of its original Bakelite buttons. Examples of use during WWII by American forces:
  12. The smooth area definitely looks to have been prepped for the eagle. Still, I would say the eagle was scraped off at some point. I doubt it has "worn" off by wear or age. It looks intentionally removed. It could be the helmet was reissued to someone of a different rank, who knows? Nice helmet! Justin
  13. Excellent reference, thank you Johan. Justin
  14. Wow! Now that is something I have never seen before. Justin
  15. I think the helmets are painted so they stand out, just like the painted flames. Justin
  16. I know what you mean. You want to know my problem? College! Justin
  17. Be sure to post photos of your display, I would love to see it! Justin
  18. I am not sure exactly where to post this... I am planning to setup a WWII bomb crew mannequin. I am trying to get a B-3 jacket and matching pants right now. In the future I am looking to get an A-14 gas mask, life preserver (I assume a Mae West), goggles, helmet, and radio gear. Was the gas mask/helmet/goggle setup worn by all crew members during high altitudes? What radio gear would a gunner or bombardier have? Also what type of helmet or goggles would be used for a gunner or bombardier? If it makes it easier, I am trying to represent from late 1944 to the end of the war.
  19. It is spelled "corpsman". He would have worn USMC HBT fatigues, most likely with a stenciled corpsman rate. Like Justin said, he would have used an M3 bag. Medics are also known for making use of musette bags and gas mask bags to hold extra equipment. Justin
  20. I have been looking for those for a while. Expect to pay $150-250 depending on condition. There is usually a pair or two on ebay...but they always get a lot of attention. Justin
  21. Hey, if you have the money and really like the item, then that is all that matters! Congrats on a great score! Justin
  22. It looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing pics as you progress with your great USMC collection. Justin
  23. I think your son will love this knife. Even though the snap is missing, it looks like a handy Marine made his own personal fix! I love stuff that has a personal touch. Great find! Justin
  24. Talk about opening a can of worms! Is a WWI jacket better than a WWII jacket because it is older? Is an unnamed WWII Ike jacket with valor awards better than a named Ike jacket with no valor awards? Is an Army jacket better than a Navy jumper? Is a salty combat worn jacket better than a mint jacket? Justin
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