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  1. :pinch: If you read his post, he says quite clearly: "post WW2 National Defense bar I know" Justin
  2. More like kicking a dead horse, burying it, digging it up again, then shooting it in the head. Justin
  3. I thought this was a great shot. It came from a photo album you can see here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...mp;#entry917198 The soldier on the left is John D. Kennedy, he was with the 706th Ordnance Company of the 6th Infantry Division. The photo was taken in New Guinea, 1944. He is with a native guide. I believe he is also wearing a hand camo helmet or liner... Justin
  4. OD MAN

    USMC HBT Shirts

    No issues with those jackets. I have seen several examples of both shirts and trousers with shade differences like yours. It is just a matter of different dye lots and the manufacturing process. Justin
  5. It was probably added by a kid who wanted to be a "bad guy" when playing war. The 45th infantry was using the swastika symbol before the M1 helmet even came into use. Justin
  6. Don't you understand that once an item is pictured being used by a paratrooper its automatically a rare paratrooper artifact?! Examples: leather riding gloves, engineer wrist compass, A-4 knit cap, aviator parachute first aid kit, m-3 trench knife, Mae West life jacket, etc... Justin
  7. Ian is correct. When I was collecting armored items, I searched through countless photos of tank crew members. 99% of the photos showed either resistals or polaroid multi purpose goggles. The resistals were slightly more popular early to mid-war but after that, it was about an even mix. The other "1%" were a mix of dust goggles and various flight goggles obtained in unknown reasons. The poloroids can be bought for $20-30. (PS, I still have an archive of photos I can post if you are interested) Justin
  8. Here is an example of a late war depot made pack: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...=43454&st=0 Notice how WWII History Buff's has square tipped straps. Justin
  9. Yup, its a nice named bag. Judging by the hardware, this looks to be a Boyt and not depot made. The markings most likely have worn away. Justin
  10. Sorry, that's a fake stamp. This is the late war "modified" roll top pattern. There is little proof of these being used in combat by war's end. Justin
  11. You done good. I would not modify the cover in any way, but that is just me! Justin
  12. If you take it off, be sure to get some nice pictures of it with the cosmoline on it. That way you can always prove the knife was packed with cosmoline in that wrapper. Justin
  13. I appreciate the comments. You should have seen the mess I had a couple days ago. My closet took care of that very nicely. :w00t: Justin
  14. 1942 B-3 jacket with British made crusher cap Winter scene 1944 GI wearing an M-41 jacket I recently got off the forum..
  15. Well it has kinda been a hard week, but I would thought I would mess around with my room and take pictures. This summer I have spent time collecting items from the Pacific Theater. As always, thanks for looking. Justin 1942 Boyt upper and lower packs, 1943 poncho, 1st and 2nd pattern canteen covers... Marine with some loot Some Navy stuff Died on board the very last US ship sunk during WWII, the USS Bullhead: Various hygiene items: C-rations, accessory packet, and cigarettes... Shaving creams, tooth powd
  16. Oh, sorry. I don't think I have seen these for sale anywhere else. You might want to post something in the wanted section. Justin
  17. http://www.hayesotoupalik.com/WW2%20U.S.%2...20Equipment.htm Click that link, its near the bottom. Good price too. Justin
  18. Check out this great thread. You will see several examples of "scraped" emblems. Most notably page 11: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...4139&st=200 Justin
  19. Definitely an original and unique piece, nice find. Justin
  20. If anyone wants one I have one in good condition, I will set it for $275. Justin
  21. I am not seeing that at all. It is the 29th infantry emblem. The right side has been painted and the left side was left as cork. Just how the soldier did it. Justin
  22. FYI the symbol is two keys leaning against each other over a feather. Justin
  23. It's either Commissaryman or Commissary Stewart. Justin
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