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  1. That is a great thing to do. :bravo: Justin
  2. Super collection and display!! Thank you for honoring our veterans over there in Britain! :thumbsup: Justin
  3. Sadly, unless you have any history that came with the knife, you will never know which Jack Mead owned it. It is still a great looking knife. Justin
  4. How do you know that? There are 5 people named Jack Mead on the WWII Memorial Site and 4 show up on NARA. Justin
  5. :thumbdown: That is not the point. It has nothing to do with me adding items to my collection. The fact is that no one will ever know this man's military history and all of his medals are going to be sold sold off without a name to attach to them. Justin
  6. She had absolutely NO respect for what they represent. She even made me list the prices off one by one while she added them up. People like her make me sick. Justin
  7. I just edited the original post: it was a distinguished flying cross, not a distinguished service cross. Justin
  8. I have been going to the same antique store for years. They have nothing but a small display of fake Nazi crap. Today I go in there... and to my surprise I saw some medals in the corner of my eye in a glass display case. When I looked closer, I saw the following: WWII boxed unnamed air medal (mint, complete) WWII boxed unnamed distinguished flying cross (mint, complete) Chinese Nationalist medal with ribbon, and pin in clear plastic box, numbered on back Two pin back sterling 3" pilot wings several AAF sterling sweat heart jewelry mint 1945 campagin medals in blue boxes (ETO, Am
  9. No, but keeping track of military prices is good practice! Justin
  10. Please tell me there is some sort of conspiracy going on here... I am dizzy just thinking about how stupid some people are. Justin
  11. So: $10,000+ for D-bail helmet $1,000+ for jump jacket $1,200+ for jump trousers $500 for jump boots $1000-$2000?? for complete parachute assembly $300-500 for web gear and misc equipment $150 for life vest $3,000+for folding stock M1 Carbine $1,200 for first aid pouch So lets say about $20,000 to make a complete airborne paratrooper display. Crazy!!! Justin
  12. I started out exclusively collecting US items. I had absolutely zero interest in other countries. As I began learning more about history (particularly WWII) I realized we fought for a reason. I now have some German and Japanese items just to represent the enemy and nothing more. I never have understood the mentality of devoted TR collectors who have dedicated their entire lives to their items. It almost reaches to the point of glorifying them. I will leave it at that... Justin
  13. Your inbox is full, can you delete some of your messages?

  14. Google is your friend... http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Awards/o...precedence.aspx Justin
  15. He doesn't say it is a reproduction either... just as sneaky! "U.S. WWII Army 313 3rd Signal Service Company Armor Shoulder Patch. Measures 3 7/16" tall by 3 7/8" wide. Standard embroidered construction. This is a triangular patch with a devil's head in the center. Worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniform. Excellent condition."
  16. Hoov, Similar stars were used in US cavalry insignia designs. For example: 2nd cavalry 66th cavalry Could the stars stand for some 5th cavalry division, battalion, or regiment? Just some ideas. Justin
  17. What in the heck???? http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-101st-Airborn...=item336ca2e859 http://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-101st-Airborn...=item4aaf36e2d3 Who are these bidders, and why do people like this have that much money??? Justin
  18. Don't worry about it. It happens. There will always be another lid, just be patient and don't spend more than you are willing too. Justin
  19. Did you get it??? Final price: $358.00 Member Id: 9***l ( 167Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $358.00 Sep-27-11 16:55:36 PDT Member Id: y***j ( 0 ) US $353.00 Sep-27-11 16:55:03 PDT Member Id: g***o ( 826Feedback score is 500 to 999) US $300.00 Sep-27-11 16:52:06 PDT Member Id: 2***1 ( 324Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $240.00 Sep-27-11 16:49:59 PDT Member Id: _***t ( 1538Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999) US $222.38 Sep-27-11 16:50:39 PDT Member Id: _***u ( 2171Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999) US $216.88 Sep-27-11
  20. Probably none of my business, but why would you want a $$$ value on something from a relative? Justin
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