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  1. Another paratrooper film? Do people know that others fought in WWII as well? I am kinda passed the whole "para phase" that seems to have taken over reenacting, movies, and video games...not too mention collecting. :ermm: Justin
  2. What model cushions were used for each of these headsets during WWII? I am finding lots of varieties of cushions on WWII head sets, and it is getting confusing. HS-23: Hb-7 headband, R-14 receivers HS-33 HB-7 headband, ANB-H-1 receivers What type of cushions is this pilot wearing: Thank you, Justin
  3. ? The majority of US Sailors and Marines were in the reserves during WWII. Most reserves in WWII were active duty. Justin
  4. Thank you guys for the comments, I really am honored to be the caretaker of this grouping. :salute: Yes I did. I bought it from a couple who got the group at an estate sale. The man used to reenact and collect, so he knew the importance of the group. They managed to save most of his military items fortunately. Justin
  5. Great jacket Phillip, good luck with the research! Justin
  6. No, but I went cold turkey for a record 12 days! I sold my Nazi crap instead. Justin
  7. Nope, and they even gave me a free item. I appreciate the comments everyone, I am glad to have saved this man's history. Justin
  8. I just came back with this group. It was originally purchased from the veterans estate. He must have been proud of his A-2, as the seller said it was hanging up in the vet's garage. His name was Donald Kelly, aerial gunner, 451st Bomb Group, 15th Air Force stationed in Italy. A-2 jacket painted, there is a faint yellow bomber over the 18 bombs I just noticed when taking a picture of it Flight helmet B-8 goggles Flight suit Radio sets Flight bag Photos of plains, bombing missions, etc. Large scrapbook (about 40-50 filled pages) with foreign currency, passes, souvenirs, postcar
  9. Well guys I got it for a good price. The jacket is much better in person. The whole thing is very soft and the drying is not too bad. There is a load of more paperwork and souvenirs in the very large scrap book. The best part: The scrap book features articles of his missions (and there were quite a few). I will post pictures later on, but I am very pleased with the grouping.
  10. I am leaving right now, if I got it for $900 how would there be room to sell? Or should I only pay that price if I want to keep it??? Justin
  11. Thanks for the advice. The lady only sent me a few pictures of the scrap book and photo album, but it seems they are full and look to have nice combat shots in them. I am a little worried about the A-2. How badly does the damage to the sleeves effect the value? Justin
  12. I added more pictures of the jacket above your post, it looks like the sleeves have a fair amount of dry spots. Let me know what you guys think. Justin
  13. Guys, sorry for doing this, but I REALLY need some good advice on how much I should pay for this grouping. I am going to see it in a few hours. All the stuf belongs to the same guy, an aerial gunner in the 451st bomb group, 15th air force. He was awarded multiple air medals and went on 23 missions. The A-2 jacket is rough (dry rot to sleeves) but has nice painting on the front. Documents, flight bag, flight suit, flight helmet, goggles, radio gear, shirt, pants, two photo albums, etc. They are asking $1,000 Pics will follow....
  14. This article has inspired me to pin on an American flag! Justin
  15. The weave, construction, and mint condition give it away. You NEED to post very clear pictures of the bails. Your are talking about a $50 repro or thousands if the bails are original... Justin
  16. :w00t: I promise my next relapse will be more dramatic. Sorry to disappoint everyone! Justin
  17. Yeah yeah I know, but for a while my collection was in boxes and piles ready to be listed on ebay. Thanks for the comments everyone. Justin
  18. Infantry Journal guide, Japanese commands on card given to a US soldier in the Philippines, 2nd pattern canteen cover, original WWII camo cover (almost let this one go, but I am glad I kept it).
  19. After advice from parents, and friends on the forum I chose to sell off my fairly large WWII German collection (Helmet, lots of gear, photos, insignia, etc) . I also sold a few choice US and Japanese items. I was able to keep about 90% of my US collection. I am glad to say that I will be able to continue collecting through college with the money I made. I just have to keep a tighter "grip" on my wallet. To celebrate, I rearranged my Pacific display and took a picture. The black and white group photo on the 3rd shelf was graciously signed to me by R.V.Burgin of the 1st Marine D
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