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  1. It is a WWII A-3 mechanics hat. The stamp is the standard Army Air Force logo. Although designated for mechanics they were very popular and worn by almost anyone who could get one. Justin
  2. The pictures you just posted confirm this cover is not original. Just so you have a future reference, here is a picture of my original cover. Notice the chain stitching on the tan side. I have yet to see a reproduction with this feature, but I am sure they will eventually start faking it. Justin
  3. It looks like a repro...can you get a picture of the stitching on the tan side? This is a common way to determine an original from a repro. Justin
  4. I am not a dealer. I am a collector. I fund my collection by selling military items on the side. Being so young, I don't have money like most of the other collectors on the forum. When I see a deal, or something I know needs a good home, I will put it up for sale. I would LOVE to keep everything I buy, but that is simply impossible. Justin
  5. How exactly is any of that your business? How do you think military dealers make their money? How many members on here (including several moderators) have their own store or dealer sites where they sell items they find at estate sales, garage sales, ebay, etc. I am 18 and this is a good way for me to make money. I keep some items for my own collection and sell others. As for the 17th AAF uniforms, most of those will probably go up for sale to! Your comment is totally disrespectful and uncalled for. Justin
  6. Here it is: 100% untouched and fully IDed to George Macmullun, who enlisted in 1942. Justin
  7. Send me your address and I will ship you a nice completely original and untouched WWII AAF jacket. A small token for your serivce! Justin
  8. Hey Philip, don't worry about it bud. I am sure we can work something out. I'll let you know when they arrive. :thumbsup:
  9. I just hope the box fits through my front door. Justin
  10. LOL It is funny how things work. Militaria does some strange things to a man. Justin
  11. Here is what I am getting from AGM. Yes, you are looking at 17 uniforms. I will post pictures when they arrive. It might be 2-3 weeks from now. Lots of bullion patches, couple pilots uniforms, air crewman, bombers, gunners, etc. Thanks for looking. Justin
  12. Hi Tino, The son in service flag is from a grouping to two brothers. The mom sewed a patch for each one of her sons over the stars. :thumbsup: Justin
  13. Hi Steve, The camo cover is a nice combat worn WWII original with no EGAs. It is actually displayed on a post-war helmet, as I am still looking for a nice WWII fixed bail. Thanks, Justin
  14. Thanks treetop! The fiber glass mannequins I have are able to hold full web gear setups, a helmet, and a couple layers of field clothes. I am sure the seller was just trying to stay safe. I do recommend the mannequin should have a wall to lean on, as the stand may not be able to keep the mannequin balanced with all that weight. Justin
  15. Of course! It took him a while to decide which brand, though. Justin
  16. That is why he wasn't wearing one, he is actually shaving as we speak! :w00t: Justin
  17. I appreciate it guys, thanks. All three were purchased on Ebay. Each cost $80-95 with an extra $50-60 for shipping. Make sure to check the measurement of the mannequin carefully before purchasing. The bomber mannequin in the back was nearly six and a half feet tall! I had to lop of his feet... it was not a pretty site! Justin
  18. I would guess this could be a one off jacket tailor made for a US soldier stationed in New Zealand? It could also have been a clothing line this particular company produced to attract business from the US military. :think: Very cool item. Justin
  19. I thought I would post some pictures of my new bomber mannequin and other displays. I have piles of stuff in the closet and around my bed, that won't be shown. :pinch: My relatives are coming over tomorrow, they will think I'm nutty! Justin
  20. It has dry/flaky parts on the tops of both sleeves and the back of the collar. Besides that, the jacket is very soft. Probably a 6/10 condition wise.
  21. Thanks again for the comments. I am still deciding how to display everything. :think: Justin
  22. Well may be not that... It would be nice to have some movies dedicated to some obscure areas of the military: tank crews, bomb crews, Seabess, engineers, etc. Just think of all the movies and video games made in the last 20 years about D-day and the Battle of the Bulge! I am just saying a break from the norm would be refreshing. Justin
  23. Thanks Ian, I have seen at least 4-5 variations looking on the internet. My particular set has MC-162-A marked cushions, HB-7 headband, and R-14 receivers. Justin
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