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  1. EDIT:


    Okay - photos of the tan side look better! I wonder though, might be Korean war era with EGA ect. removed? Gonna leave that call to someone who knows the stitching better than me on type II covers.






    Button holes in flaps= WWII Sept. 1942 pattern. :thumbsup:



  2. I purchased a grouping of a 4th Division D-Day veteran from his family, and in the pile of "stuff" was a complete Red Cross hbt gift bag with all the original contents. It had a set of these playing cards Red Cross marked, as well as a RC marked toothbrush, toothpaste, and various other sundry items. He never used anything from it-just shoved it in his duffel and left it there for 60 years.


    You mean like this? :w00t:



  3. My instinct would also point towards an Argentinian helmet from the Falklands war. I had several as a kid picked up over there during the fighting. It was common practice for them to use these style covers. The helmets were a mixture of WW2 and post-war, US and European.


    Did it come from the States or Europe ?





    You may be right, I found this link: http://www.pixstel.com/argentinian-m1-helm...t16080.php?id=0

  4. It's a fixed bail with a ww2 liner firestone and the number is a 10 digit but I can't see a us stamp on the rim like most ? I'm now worried



    WWII helmets were used much after the war even until modern day. I believe someone posted a recent photo of an M1 still being worn in the Middle East. As for the serial number, I am not sure. I just know that enlisted men during WWII had a standard 8 digit number.






  5. Hi,

    while it has a great look I'm a bit unsure in the close up shot of the handstitched numbers, the edge of the fabric looks to be overlocked? This looks like modern overlocking to me, but could be wrong hard to tell from the photo. 1940s overlocking and modern is quite different.

    Maybe more detailed pics?







    I am thinking 60's or 70's foreign used helmet.




  6. I do not want to ruin your day, but I REALLY am not getting a US vibe on this cover. The material, construction, color, and everything scream foreign to me. M1s were used by tons of different countries after the war. The serial number is also 9 digits and has a later in front of it...not something you would see for US WWII.





  7. True that. Still doesn't make sense to me though. I would rather put that money towards a real fixed bail with good liner, etc..!!




    I would bet a lot of the bidders for these helmets are looking to resell them as original to some unsuspecting collector. Why do you think these fakes gets passed around so often? :pinch:






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