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  1. Sometimes you have to buy the rosettes separately. eBay still sells them Chung my and army did 1st class at about $80.00 each nchs is seller
  2. All ribbons should be available but may not be cheap especially Vietnam ones.
  3. Does anyone know why it was pulled I can't find it anywhere or what it sold for? 4starchris
  4. The only other one that had numerous of these awards was matthew ridgeway 4starchris
  5. I am glad so many responded on this. It does make one wonder why go through trying to fake it so far back. As mentioned all ribbons and thread looked to have been done at the same time. Close but no cigar. I wasn't interested in buying it just starting some good ole "WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?". It will be interesting to see what it sells for though. 4STARCHRIS
  6. The other thing is the person who stitched it together appears to have done the whole ribbon bar at the same time and not any additions.The Belgium Croix de Guerre appears to have to a good palm though. Which makes me think the ribbon before could of had this as a replacement? 4tarchris
  7. Thanks for the replies. At a minimum its a very interesting ribbon bar. Could of been put together. However, The border ribbons do appear to have thread left over from a possible sewn on remanence. 4starchris
  8. What do you guys think about this ribbon bar now on eBay? Pretty impressive if nothing else. 4starchris
  9. This is a great grouping. Thanks for posting. 4starchris
  10. What does the rest of the group look like? 4starchris
  11. Some of these are from named groups. Some of these are very hard to find. 4starchris
  12. The red, blue, white ribbon being discussed is the Chile order of Merit without a doubt. I have a picture of his medals and that is the ribbon associated with it. That is a great uniform btw. So the bottom row is UK-MBE. Venezuela order of quetzal and Chile. 4STARCHRIS
  13. post 20 and 21 uniforms are Richard Lansing Conolly uniform if I am not mistaken. Thanks for posting 4starchris
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