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  1. Question, can anyone tell my why info on this dog tag has been "X" out? Thanks
  2. Thanks, for the help. Liner was painted gold with paper cut out wings on sides. School play prop.
  3. Nice to see that "treasures" are still out there.
  4. Came across a M-1 helmet liner. Firestone mark, no eyelet hole in front, dark od green webbing, od lace connecting webbing , steel washers panted black, and chin strap studs. I am pretty sure post WW2 liner. When did Firestone stop making liners for helmets? Thanks for any help.
  5. Looking for a good 1918 trench knife reproduction. To be placed in a shadow box with some of my grandfathers items.
  6. Can anyone put me in the right direction of finding a period correct yard long frame? I have my grandfather's yard long from WWI. Need to find a proper frame. Thanks
  7. Very interesting. I wounder how many kids got dads WWII / Korea helmets and uniforms and altered them for a protest?
  8. Anyone have any pictures or links to "hippie painted" helmets from protest during the Vietnam war?
  9. Do the numbers stamped in the back put in after WWII?
  10. Thanks, seller said Korean war. I had a feeling late 60's. For $20 I think a good purchase.
  11. Picked this one up today. Rear seam, swivel bail and 0391 stamped in back of helmet. Any help dating would be great.
  12. shevy

    82nd ABD Beret

    Good old 32 jive! I remember cutting out the liner so you would not have a "pizza" beret. Still have my old beret from the 1/504th. 25+ years old.
  13. Looking to add a Korean War US helmet to my collection. What are some of the key features I should look for when purchasing? Thanks
  14. Thanks SKIP, I was talking with a buddy about the vines that grown down south. The vines were imported to control erosion. That stuff can get pretty thick and it covers everything.
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