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  1. Curious to see if anyone knows anything about the belt buckles seen in the following pictures that I have in my collection of various 17th Infantry Regiment Soldiers that are pictured as Color Guards .. They are all wearing what looks to be a large brass belt buckle .. I just recently found another picture of an 8th Army MP during the Korean War, who looks to be wearing the same type of belt buckle. Thanks in advance ... Don Here is the 8th Army picture
  2. Bob, (rd12) I have a 3rd BN, 32nd INF yearbook (Cougar) from 1969 hat I'd be willing to trade with you .. Do you have any 17th Infantry Reg item/s in your collection that you'd trade for it?
  3. Outstanding .. Many thanks for the insight! Don
  4. Most likely a WWII coat, but I cant seem to find any reference material on them .. I've seen many pictures of 17th Infantry Soldiers wearing these on their push to the Yalu river in 1950 .. Three 17th Infantry NCOs .. Winter of 1950. Thanks in advance
  5. Great collection and I love the 1872 17th Infantry Knots .. Any chance for some better pictures of them? I have a nice set of 1886 17th Infantry Knots in my collection ...
  6. Yes, this is probably from the late 20's when the 17th Infantry Regiment was stationed at Fort Crook, Nebraska .. In August of 1927 the 7th Division was deactivated and reactivated as the 6th Division, then in October of 1933 they were reactivated again as the 7th Infantry Division. Quite possible that the photo is from shortly after they were reactivated as the 7th ID in 1933 .. If you're interested, I have a blog with some of my 17th Infantry / Fort Crook collection. https://17thftcrook.blogspot.com/ PS .. I would love to get a higher resolution copy to try and see what company this gentleman was with.
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