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    Bayonets/Fighting Knives<br />Field Gear/USMC
  1. I picked this up at auction and am assuming it is an unmarked private purchase sword? Not a lot of info on the iron guards so could use a little help. Grip structure looks good but someone unwound the wire and replaced the leather with electrical tape. I figure no harm in taking it off and replacing it with new leather at this point, thoughts? Overall looks to be a pretty solid example.
  2. This Lid is coming up for auction tomorrow. Ill have a better idea once I get a closer look at it. Looks a little to crisp to be original but I could be wrong. Appreciate your thoughts based on this pic which is the only one available at the moment. Its listed as an early Vietnam helmet.
  3. my guess would be Panama. He would have been active during that time.
  4. Picked this up in a lot of camping stuff that included some military. I assumed this was a civilian pad but checked the tag and found this. It is a twin sized comforter in khaki color.
  5. Picked up this nice little group from a Green Beret downsizing his momentous.
  6. Looks like a Wilson and the model 615K.
  7. Here is a special services glove from my collection.
  8. The AP looks to be Korean War vintage. The ones I checked where 54 in garand enblocks.
  9. It's all 1967, none of the ammo is mixed, I was just curious what the collector interest vs. shooter interest was. Hate to use it up if it would be better in someone's collection.
  10. I picked up a quantity of 1967 M1 ammo perfect condition. Just seeing if there is a collector market or go ahead and shoot it. Also have M1 AP. Thanks
  11. I have found Thomas C. Reece serving on the Sea Fox from 48-51. I have not been able to find a Nautilus crew list to see if he was one of the first crews.
  12. This is on the back of the jacket with the conservation patch.
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