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  1. Sorry I have a question/request for you insignia-patches collectors. Do you have items/pics/uniforms about 804th & 805th tank destroyers bn in ww2 to show? Thanks Ciao Max
  2. Very interesting picture. The 'wings' on the yankee's pilot jaket is Italian not French. Italian pilots respected the italian military rule - wings on the sleeve - but the allies officiers had more 'freedom' about. Perhaps he had the wings on the poket to remember the US style. Do you have others "Foggia-pilots" pics to show ? Ciao Max
  3. WW1 italian wings badge dont 'exist. Italian Air Force born in 1923- 3/28/1923 - WW1 italian pilots were infantry, artillery, engineer...an so on officers/s.off. and they had just a little metal badge (propeller) over the original infantry/artillery...hat badge. During the war was made a special sleeve bullion braid badge - eagle with crown - Ciao/regards Max
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