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  1. Here is a set. The Navy Cross is interesting in that in the full size set it is one of those Black Widow types, so I presume the miniature is some sort of replacement only because I've seen miniature Navy Crosses of the Black Widow variety issued to individuals of the same era for the same action.
  2. And MacArthur's message to all, including the Japanese SCAP Announcement.pdf
  3. Second page of message above . . . 02 message.pdf
  4. Just a quick brush of what looks like the CinCPac Fleet HQ organization - - Remember, the message may be from Marshall to MacArthur, but it is being recorded on an CinCPac message flimsy: Adm =Admiral Dep = Deputy CofS = Chief of Staff ACS = Assistant Chief of Staff F Sec = Flag Secretary Fl Lt = Flag Lieutenant Oper = Operations Officer or staff Plans = Plans Officer or staff Comm = Communications Officer Avia = Aviation Officer Log = Logistics Officer SDO = Staff Duty Officer Plot = Flag Plot Officer (mapping) Amal ?? Anal ?? can’t read it . . . doesn’t matter, don’t know what
  5. See answer to your other posting in Military Aircraft section
  6. USS Lexington aircraft, June 1931 Squadron - Type (Number on hand) VF-2B - F3B-1 (18), FU-2 (1) VF-5B - F4B-1 (11), F4B-2 (8), O2C-2 (1) VS-3B - O2U-2 (4), O2U-4 (6) VT-1B - T4M-1 (17) Ship Utility Unit - O2U-1 (2). O2U-2 (3) USS Lexington aircraft, October 1932 VF-2S - F4B-1 (10), F4B-2 (8), SU-2 (1), O2U-1 (1) VF-5S - F4B-2 (19), SU-2 (1) VS-3S - SU-2 (13), OL-8 (1) VT-1S - BM-1 (15) VS-15M - SU-2 (4) Ship Utility Unit - OL-8 (1), O2U-1 (1), O2U-2 (2) USS Lexington aircraft, June 1933 VF-2B - F4B-2 (14), F4B-1 (3), SU-2 (1) VF-5B - F4B-2 (18), XFF-1 (1), SU-2 (1) VS-3B
  7. By the reports I've seen, his actions were probably, note, probably sufficient to rise to the award of the Medal of Honor, but one might remember that he was also posthumously brevetted to Lieutenant Colonel, the usual and customary award of the times for battlefield heroics. Not sure I agree with going back and making the awards where no recommendation was made at the time. I can certainly think of individuals who might deserve the award for their actions in WW2, but they were awarded their service's next award down the list instead. Can think of others who were recommended and a board
  8. LION was a code name for a self contained advanced base, that is, it could be loaded on however many transports and cargo vessels and moved in its totality to some advanced area/location. LION-8, I believe, ended up in Guam.
  9. Looks like some sort of private military school; certainly not USMA nor US Army OCS.
  10. And let us not forget VCS-7 operating Spirfires Vb's and the occasional Seafire out of RNAS Lee-on-Solent during the Normandy invasion.
  11. Jack Howard Robcke was a VF-11 "Sun Downers" alumni from their USS Hornet (CV-12) tour in 1944 under command of Gene Fairfax, who passed away but three days ago, one of the last USN WWII squadron commanders. Robcke was an Ensign at the time.
  12. VX-5 was the "special weapons delivery" experimental squadron based out of Moffett Field, at least that was their business when my father was the CO, but that was in 1954-55 or so. Not quite the period of your interest, but, from the 1954 Moffett Field year book - "Air Development Squadron Five is 'native' to Moffett Field, having been commissioned and based here since 18 June 1951. "Approximately 25 pilots and 175 enlisted men make up the crew of this experimental organization. Many types of light carrier aircraft have been operated by the squadron and currently five different mo
  13. Of course, then there are the P-51s which the USN operated under combat conditions. For the invasion of European coastlines it was presumed by the US Navy that aerial naval gunfire spotters would be of value, but that their standard aircraft, the OS2U and the SOC would be too vulnerable to roving German fighters. To remedy that situation it was decided to train the USN flyers to perform their spotting missions from high performance fighters. Four naval aviators from USS Brooklyn’s VCS-8 (Lieut DA Liane, USN) reported to Berteaux, Algeria, on 15 January 1944 to begin transition to the
  14. WASP did a couple of Gemini recoveries in the 1965-1966 period. Somewhere around here I've a bunch of 35mm slides take during one of them.
  15. Can't help with an ID on the film, but you may wish to nose around for someone who professionally transfers film to DVD. I did that with an old VX-5 change of command film a while back. Wasn't particularly cheap as I recall, but in the long run. preservation wise, was worth the effort.
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