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  1. Could anyone help me to identify these gloves? They came with some items from a person who was in the Air Corps during WWII - whether gunner, pilot, navigator, I don't know. They are only marked, "Large", and they have an odd leather "roll towards the end of the fingers - inside the roll is some kind of weight. Many thanks for any help.
  2. Here's my small collection of original WWII flight jackets, all bought to fit me, so large: Three A-2, all size 46, Perry, Star, and contract W535-ac-27753. The Perry (with a flying 8-balls patch) I've seen on a web site called "History Preservation Associates (or something like that) - I've had the jacket for about 5 years, so I don't know when they took the picture. B-10: both size 44, one by Paul Reed Company, the other by H. Bernstein. B-15A: size 44 by Superior Togs Company.
  3. A shot of my "Theater-made" visors - meaning that they were made overseas - they're mostly from the UK, although one is from Australia, and another from India.
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