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  1. Any body heard of this guy?. Wont answer emails or phone calls. Thx Tony
  2. thanks a lot for your input. I like the phillipine constabulary idea. the buttons are USMC, but those are easily removable. Thx Tony
  3. I bought this purporting to be a China Marine uniform. Ten seconds after the item was bought I had my doubts. I think it is a pre-war uniform but from what country? There are similarities to a USMC uniform, but I have nver seen one with slip on boards The most intriguing feature is the red piping. The collar and shoulder tabs look Navy. Any thoughts.Thanks Tony
  4. I ordered the arcs and very pleased with them. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you. They are for a friend who served on both ships during VN
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy the tabs for the subject ships?
  7. Anybody have the pants or shirt. Almost non existent.
  8. I have always liked this uniform. Great thread
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