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  1. A Navy rating? turned upsidown.
  2. I think I knew the collector, from shows and places I hunted for militaria in the St. Louis. It's not a huge drive for me. but I don't care much for the Ferguson area.
  3. I have a empty WWII Marvels Carton I picked up at an antique dealer's booth The orange and black colors are still bright. I had a pack at one time.
  4. Yes, he is a Civil War era soldier. He is wearing a shell jacket or state issue coat, with light piping on collar and cuffs. it could be a cut down frockcoat or a frockcoat. Despite the damage it is a good image.
  5. I have a D-Day lighter just about like it. I is a green color.
  6. The newspaper article is from Carbondale, Ill., which is not a great distance from me. I know murderers are denied burial in National Cemeteries, not sure what other crimes may get you a denial of burial, or an exhumation. I saw that happened at a National Cemetery in central Ill. Just a curious thing to me.
  7. From what I just read one tompion was provided for each rifle/musket, so they would have been issued. This is according to the manual for the 61-63 rifles. I'm sure they were easily lost.
  8. The 203rd CA, the Hound Dog regiment. My first guess. I do see the DI's for that unit from time to time. The pair of dogs does makes sense for sweetheart jewelry. The 35th Inf. Div.song was Don't Kick Our Dog Around. They even used the song in Kelly's Heroes.
  9. I believe the second one is a Catholic cross/medal from WWII. I have seen similar ones. I believe the first one is maybe WWI son in service. I have never seen that exact style.. Although the spread eagle at the top looks very familiar. Could be either war.
  10. A very common type of WWII lighter. I have one from the 88th Div. I also have one with the leaning tower of Pisa on it.
  11. The University of Missouri ROTC program was set up as a ROTC Artillery program that graduated Artillery officers, for many years Horse Artillery officers came from the school. I knew a man who graduated in 1941 or 42 or so, he was also an arty officer, who transferred to the AAF. Last summer I bought an extensive estate sale grouping from a man who graduated from Columbia (MU) in 1943. He had a McClellan, all the horse gear, Sam Browne's, saber gear, etc.Two pairs of boots, riding pants, both cadet, and officer. I also have his fencing sabers, masks, etc. No surprise he was in the Arty. I woul
  12. Thank you for the pic, I have seen the film many times, glad to finally see the patches. Thanks again.
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