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  1. Hello, Do they 5 Cell Thompson ammo pouches that are meant to hold 20 rounds securely hold the 30 round magazines? Thank You.
  2. I believe that it is all original, but im not 100% sure.
  3. This is a really simple question, but I can't seem to figure it out. How do you tighten an LC-2 Pistol Belt? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know any WWII reenactment groups in Mass.? I tried searching google, but I didn't have much luck. Thanks.
  5. Lt.

    M69 Flak Vest

    There is no zipper, it just velcros. When were these phased out?
  6. Lt.

    M69 Flak Vest

    Mine has different numbers, and the writing is in black on top of green which is connected to a larger section which says that the vest may save your life and it gives instructions. Here is what the part that resembles yours reads: Size SMALL 8470-122-1299 (Faded Number)5 BODY ARMOR, FRAGMENTATION PROTECTIVE, VEST WITH 3/4 COLLAR, M-69 TRENTON TEXTILE ENG & MFG. CO., INC.
  7. Lt.

    M69 Flak Vest

    Sorry, my camera will not upload to my computer right now, I will try again later. The vest is a small. There are no puncture holes, but part of the armor on the right side is bent. To the left of the size there is a faded number followed by a five. Would that be the date?
  8. Lt.

    M69 Flak Vest

    I have an M69 flak vest which I cannot find the date of. Also, does anyone know the value of these? If anyone likes me to, I will post some pictures. Thanks.
  9. I have seen the E-tool attached to the buttpack (full metal jacket).
  10. Thank You. But I have alot of ACU pouches so have you seen any pictures of them in ACU gear?
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