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  1. yeah prices are crazy now...about 8 months ago..there were two colt M7s and Imperial and a Milpar...I misspelled bayonet and searched ebay for "M7 Bayonett" and they both came up thought I was going to get em for 40$ each..then I left for a day..came back and someone had the same Idea... blows but I guess you can't win em all...He probably resold them and made 200$ profit....
  2. what about this one? It HAD a name tape on it..someone took off...so it would have been issued... but it says USM8... were the USM8 made from parts issued to soldiers?
  3. so there was an M8 (early) that had a hook? I would definately love to see it if some one has a pic! was the web lengthened when the hook was added?
  4. okay thanks! I think i'm going to get some renaissance wax....
  5. WOW...thats amazing..... definately keep it!!!!!!!!!
  6. i'll post pics when It arrives...yeah no, hanger and shortened web..be careful, I've seen M8 (made from parts) that didn't have a hanger, but at a detailed look you'll see stitching where one used to be...so it really wasn't a true original M8.... thanks!
  7. YEAH! right? I can't believe they have gone up soooo much...but at least I can get away with getting an M8 scabbard for my knife...from what I understand my knife would have been issued with both M6s and M8s....
  8. thanks! Ive had a few in the past few years but traded or sold them....I finally found one I'm going to keep... I think It's the best one i've came across for the money.....and I was shocked when I saw the handle when I first got it! I just bought an M8 scabbard to go with it..... so from what I understand this would be dated ~September-~November 1943? thanks
  9. Let me know what you think! I'm pretty happy with it! I put some Pecard antique leather dressing on the handle (didn't darken it at all) thats some good stuff.... I'm not sure where the brown markings came from ?! they aren't there on the knife by eye....but they show up on camera so....I don't know... I don't think I did too bad for $124.
  10. so, RIGHT after the year 1944 came along...is that when all manufacturers went to guard marking on the M3?
  11. thanks for the clarification....I think I found one on ebay...I can get for a good price that would go good with my Camillus M3 no hanger BM co and it has a somewhat shorter web....
  12. I have always thought that an M8A1 scabbard (with out metal tip) is WWII and is correct for the guard marked M3 knives and M4 bayonets. And that the M8 scabbard and M6 scabbard is correct for the blade marked and blade dated M3s. I have a 'US M3 Camillus' blade marked M3 I don't have a scabbard for it, and am looking for one...I don't think an M6 would be correct for this M3 (not sure though), so i've been looking for an M8 scabbard. After looking and looking i've noticed 98% of them are made from M8A1 parts, and are not genuine M8s. What are the differences in the M8s and the M8A1s? wha
  13. Yeah it is amazing...I was listening to my grandfather talk about going through big crates at surplus stores as a kid and buying WWI haversacks for 2$ and 1918 canteens with variations of covers for $3...He said back in the 50s 'you would see them trench knives going for about $5 a knife and you could pick out your scabbard' WOW!! if only I could go back in time Your right, I have seen some very peciliar knives and scabbard go on ebay for a decent amount! I recently was watching an M3 in Thailand on ebay that had 5 grooves ?! and a very thin pommel (with an ordanance mark) went for abo
  14. coincidentally, I've recently seen a chromed M3 go on Ebay.... yours looks like a reworked or repaired M3....with an aftermarket chrome job...
  15. So, did all manufacturers date the blade at one point or another? Also I was under the impression that blade marked M3s in general were early ('43-'44) and the hilt marked were late '44...is this correct? Were M3s produced and issued pre '43? thanks for clarification... Brad i'll post pics of my New M3 Camillus blade marked soon.....the factory handle is somewhat interesting...
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