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  1. Full description reads: "Soldiers of the 1st of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) Blue Devils, out of Solerno, Afghanistan, wait to be extracted after conducting searches for suspected Taliban and weapons of a compound in the City of Naray, during Operation Devil Shock on Jan. 24, 2003. The operation is to prevent the re-emergence of terrorist activates in Afghanistan. The 1st of the 504th PIR Blue Devils are attached to HHC 1st Brigade 82nd Airborne Division Kandahar Army Airfield, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Preston Cheeks) (Released)" It is cut from thi
  2. It is very cool and I think straps with hooks are for parachute operation, to jump without mounting the pack harness. I have no idea, maybe it's one of the fabled custom packs made for Son Tay raid. On one of the pics I saw one of the member wearing a pack that has shoulder straps made of that kind of webbing. I know, it's not much of a suggestion, but if it's a one-off its history may be lost. A very cool pack nonetheless, even without provenance.
  3. May be a trial for the Battledress System? They went with a lightweight Grey over suit, but the only Pic available looks like it's cut different, but I don't think it's too far from that.
  4. these were made by American Cyanamid Company. i'll take a look if they have NSN. Natick fielded insulation covers for water bottles, the basic picnic style you'll find in stores. DBDU camo, with shoulder strap and alice clips for belt, leg ties and cord closure around bottle neck. Inthink these are rare.
  5. is the Scarf original to the grouping? Photographer Patrick Barth followed 10th SFG Soldiers fighting alongside Kurdish and documented it pretty well, maybe you can recognize your man.
  6. Radio pouch is not period correct, it looks like the one from the ucp kit. The rest is very nice, those raichle boots are a good example of non us made issue item(i always bring them as an example when talking about berry complaint and its exceptions). I think they were sent directly from Germany (that brand doesn't exist anymore since 2009).
  7. I love opfor items, these are neat. Unluckily my set is missing the belt, but luckily i managed to find an aggressor field jacket at a show here in italy (the pattern with covered buttons). Don't have that style of helmet, i have the soviet style plastic one that attaches to an m1 liner.
  8. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/5e5f78498c3b7249cdd606a075d6e73d.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/5e5f78498c3b7249cdd606a075d6e73d.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/6536eeacebe774ae76acbc43a30948ff.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/cc92e8994a86441f00bdec9593a88179.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/6d2b8ba25a479715bbf0ddcd7549ad09.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/82413f03b797974d89d6d037001adcde.jpg https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190829/36580a5a53641fa1c714c96f1c4feef5.jpg We have to give cre
  9. Italian issue US pouches with BSM (Battaglione San Marco, italian marines) overstamp.
  10. Isn't its purpose to be used as the waist strap for the medium Alice pack when worn frameless? Without frame you can't mount the lumbar pad and the attached belt, so you use this.
  11. Isn't its purpose to be used as the waist strap for the medium Alice pack when worn frameless? Without frame you can't mount the lumbar pad and the attached belt, so you use this.
  12. Marine from a landing support company, USMC mos 0481 "The red patch measures 3 in × 1 in (7.6 cm × 2.5 cm) on the trousers, worn 2.5 in (6.4 cm) below the cargo pocket, centered, and 1 in × 1 in (2.5 cm × 2.5 cm) on the front of the eight point cover, centered. "
  13. isn't it the standard titanium Rhino 2 mount?
  14. There are some nice pics from early bright star exercises in Egypt. I love the 1983 ranger combination of OD jungle uniforms and camo painted burlap covered m1 helmet. And as weird it may sound a Delta force pic came out these days showing guys training in jungle last year with one of them wearing erdl... Pretty sure it was worn for giggles but funny nonetheless https://i.redd.it/62g0yli8ff121.jpg
  15. To make things simple: -It is late 90's, let's say 1998. ALICE era is ending, MOLLE era is starting. Army, Navy and USAF special forces receive a kit with a vest, pouches, a body armor, rucksack, helmet, communication and cold weather clothing, called SPEAR. It would set the basis for today's items (today General issue Helmet used is still the same, shape of bulletproof insert is still the same, shape of hard armor plates is still the same to name a few). The body armor (BALCS) is a simple front/back panel thing, buckle closure at the sides. -1999 this happens https://www.youtube.com/wat
  16. not MLCS kit pouch, the whole lot of it are blackhawk pouches (the grenade one is tan, the other are OD). Vest is a Blachawk Commando Recon Chest Harness with back panel. No way it was used in 2002 since the OD WOO JIN buckles on the rig date it not atleast early 2004
  17. i think it's been put together,atleast to some extent. That said, the base uniform it's a VERY nice example, that alone it's worth atleast 3 times you paid for it.
  18. they are from the early issue of the currently used FSBE2 kits, hence the higher price. you see these sell for more than 100$ each everytime. Fairly sure that's for an airsofter, i doubt a modern collector that wants an early Fsbe kit lacking the patience to find a better deal. You generally see one of these worn for a quicker access to a magazine.
  19. latter item on that is the 1976 canteen cover. Possibly is a early '80s USAF rig (probably at the time they were still using the 20rd magazines). If the compass pouch has a plastic snap it's worth 70-80$ alone.
  20. JSA panmunjon (korean DMZ) 2nd id on Korean Service Corps member.
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