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  1. Interesting kit, your rusty bayonet on the bottom shelf is from a FWW Canadian Mk III Ross Rifle.
  2. Have a try Googling WWII Unit Coloured Bar Codes, it will be a great learning experience and then you will know as much as everyone else on the topic.
  3. It is actually a British Mk III Helmet, and that particular model was never manufactured in Canada. It was also never called a Turtle Helmet. It was used by the Canadian Army for a short time during the SWW.
  4. ID bracelets were a purchase item and could be bought by the service member, family or sweethearts. As has been already stated they did not replace the issue dog tag.
  5. The Nationalist Chinese (Brens as one example) and the British Commonwealth (Besa MGs in tanks) both used 7.92mm calibre weapons so the ammunition could have been manufactured for either group.
  6. From what I know of flashlights you want to get an example which is marked as a MX-212/U without the guards. One of the manufactures I have is Bright Star although I am sure there are others. There were also MX-991/Us but to be honest I don't know what the difference was.
  7. There is a very good possibility that this combination of a British Mk II Helmet with a US M1917A1 Liner is legitimate as I have two post-SWW Canadian examples that originated from Civil Defence stocks. The Canadian Government bought surplus Mk II Helmets and married them up with surplus US M1917A1 Liners for CD use.
  8. Hehehe, yeah the QM staff always made sure that the same liner stayed with the same steel shell - that is why the liners were stored piled in one big box and the steel shells in another.
  9. Did you know that the motion picture was filmed in Canada - Hope, British Columbia to be exact.
  10. Nice display! How do you keep the public from mauling everything with their grubby fingers?
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