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  1. This is a Chute and Dagger Patch. Chute & Dagger: The Journal of International Parachutist and Special Forces Insignia Collectors
  2. There were annual International Free Fall, Halo competitions held at Altenstadt and at Bad Tolz Germany during the 1980's. Altenstadt was the home of the German Airborne school has has since been closed. 10th SFG(A) was located at Bad Tolz during that time period. 1st Bn. 10th SFG(A) is one of two forward stationed battalions within Special Forces tracing its history to 10th SFG(A) establishment in Bad Tolz, Germany in 1953. 1st Bn. 10th SFG (A) moved Panzer Kaserne on Aug 1991 where it is still based today.
  3. US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team Airborne Para Oval
  4. If they would like to recoup funds, auction would be their best option. Who knows, so let's keep an eye on this.
  5. Army museums to give out excess artifacts, including weapons and historic uniforms The Army Museum Enterprise is getting rid of duplicate artifacts among its 580,000-item collection over the next five years, leaving opportunities for other museums, veterans organizations, national parks, and state and local governments to ultimately claim the excess inventory. The divestiture will include artifacts from all 46 museums operated by AME, according to an Army Headquarters press release Monday. “We expect that the first divestiture by site will take place in Spring of 2
  6. · Navy Presidential Unit Citation · Navy Unit Commendation · Navy Good Conduct · National Defense · Navy Occupation Service Medal · China Service Medal? Yellow Ribbon with Red Stripes · United Nations Korea Service Medal · United Nations Medal · Republic of Korea Presidential Unit
  7. 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division Pocket Patch
  8. My Motto list shows 386th Engineer Battalion, (Texas)?
  9. USMC, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Silent, Swift, Deadly, Patch Not sure of what time period this is from? Does not react to ultraviolet light.
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