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  1. My Motto list shows 386th Engineer Battalion, (Texas)?
  2. USMC, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Silent, Swift, Deadly, Patch Not sure of what time period this is from? Does not react to ultraviolet light.
  3. This would be South Carolina National Guard.
  4. The bottom image is from Egypt: EGYPT AIRBORNE PARATROOPER PARACHUTE JUMP WINGS These are normally finbacks and come in various sizes.
  5. 1947 Interview with Corporal Julius Franklin "General" Howell (1846-1948) This is a fascinating and rare interview of an actual Confederate veteran, Julius Franklin Howell (1846-1948), who was born in Virginia in 1846, at the age of 16, in 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate Army to fight because the Federals were invading his home, as he himself stated quite clearly. He was a firm believer that the Confederacy did not fight for slavery, that he and his men were fighting to preserve State's Rights. He ended up in Company K of the 24th Virginia Cavalry, which was part o
  6. This U.S. Army Cavalry device measures approx. 1" in diameter, two piece construction, reads U.S. TOB 35 with crossed Cavalry sabers. What is this? Thanks!
  7. The Swordsman badge was awarded in its original form from its inception on January 15, 1914, until September 1, 1922. In 1922, Change 5 to Army Regulation 600-35, (Specifications for the Uniform), altered the form of the Swordsman Badge from the previously distinct design to that of a suspended bar with the word "SWORD" across its face. The bar was provided with attachments so it could be hung from the basic qualification badge. Two grades of swordsman skill were authorized in the 1922 Regulation: Swordsman, and 1st Class Swordsman. The grade distinctions in the award
  8. Just thought that I would bring this Swordsman Badge post back to life again. The lower badge is an original, while the upper badge is a reproduction.
  9. Thanks for everyones feedback. This is getting tossed into the garbage.
  10. Here is a nice Indian Wars No.770 Campaign Medal. Unfortunately it's original owner is unknown as I do not have the roster list.
  11. Is it possible for you to zoom in on that patch so we can see it better? Thanks!
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