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  1. Hello, can anybody help me where to find informations, how to wear a rifle on M1952 mountain rucksack? I think, it will be a bit different from the M1942. See picture Thank you
  2. Thank you, I was thinking if the training equipment was marked this way?
  3. Hello, does anyone know, why are some stripes, mostly red or orange, on some snowshoes, skis and ski poles on Arctic units? How and why did they mark it and who used it? An example is in the picture. Thank you for informations.
  4. I wonder, when was it used? Do the letters "LRRP" mean Vietnam war recon patrols? Then it should be 66-72 year?
  5. Hi, I found this topic http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/75600-vietnam-era-low-dome-m-1/ with clear picture of difference of helmets. BUT when nam and late time helmets are low dome profile, why this date liners dont fit WW2 shells? When they should loose in old shells. Is it possible, that after WW2 production was mixed production of low and high dome profile helmets according manufacturer? If any manufacturer continued high dome helmets in 60s,70s or if was official ordered produce low dome type? Does anybody have by chance any official note of this problem, (TM,AR,e
  6. Well, so why Hopkins92's 67 Firestone liner in WW2 shell on the picture isn't loose but the other way?
  7. Nice job. Thank you for a lot of information and bringing ligth for this cause.
  8. The patch shown here was made as a souvenir of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment's (aka the "Rakkasans") participation in Task Force 201 in Operation Blue Bat in 1958. The 187th was part of the 24th Division's Airborne Brigade at that time and lost one member killed by a sniper.
  9. I lost pictures from auction, but found other one here on the forum.
  10. Hawk3370, good to know it, thanks. Ive only read about VC, who didnt know eagles and nicknamed 101st soldiers 'chicken man' because theirs patches. Stickhauler, thanks for memories. Rakkasan187, thanks for help.
  11. And another patch from eBay. Have you ever seen 101st with yellow border? 130441737126
  12. And one question for chicken man in Nam, did use 101st background trimmings after transformation to airmobile (after 1968)? Im asking after study manual AR 670-1 from 70ties, when it wasnt allowed for airmobile unit as its now. Thank you
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