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  1. I have four bronze stars to Vietnamese. Three are war period, one is a 1990s award that was reissued after the recipient became a US citizen.
  2. Not a particular unit, but rather the standard Vietnamese Air Force patch. Photos show it being worn by anyone from VNAF base security guards to pilots, often along with specific unit insignia.
  3. I'm going to have to go on the doubtful side of this one as well. The photos Bolo posted are very well-known ranger photos that can come up in a Google search and have been around online for years (posted and reposted on many forums and posts) - nothing new or extraordinary. I am more inclined to believe someone tried in a poor attempt to make a helmet based off of one of those photos than the helmet actually being original. This would not be the first time someone has painted a helmet based off of a photo, and unfortunately it won't be the last... On a different note, I like how the "
  4. The patch is identified as being for the 7th Division Headquarters. So, I am also thinking the colored tape is an insignia for the headquarters unit / company that the advisor was attached to, like the previous post mentioned.
  5. Yes, it is a South Vietnamese Special Forces jump certificate.
  6. Bob is right, it is from 1939. The badge is for the "North Chinese Economic Mission to Japan." It would have been worn by delegates from Manchukuo (Chinese and Japanese) who took part in an economic build up campaign. The badge would have had a dragon along the top initially as well.
  7. From the photos at least they do not look like ARVN issued trousers.
  8. I seem to remember seeing both threads at the time, including when it was listed in the for sale section.
  9. Thank you both for additional input! Looks like it is the 3351st.
  10. I think you are missing the point. He has a habit of making and selling fakes as originals, which has been going on for years. Asking him for verification would be like asking Bernie Madoff if you should invest with him.
  11. Which is true for many uniforms he sells as reproductions, but sadly not on those passed off as original.
  12. The 3512th was the only image I could find online with a quick search after seeing your post, so thank you for clarifying that the unit patches had the same basic design. Thus, it could be any of those units in the photo. Thank you again!
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