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  1. T-bar pins are a turn of the century feature
  2. .... I suspect someone hand intentions for another use, but never got any further than pulling off the screw post
  3. Thx for the correction Bill! The pin back EGA was also worn on the unpunched collars of the blues and whites of the era. I sorely miss wearing the Summer Whites, we made our Navy counterparts look like bellhops! (as did all our uniforms!)
  4. The numbered emblems represent Headquarters approval & consent for that company to produce for retail sales, the EGA following adherence of the regs regarding what it should look like etc. The number would go on to represent the company and used on the item for whatever items they manufactured, to sell. If I recall this began in the 50s and the V if I recall represents Vanguard...
  5. Each maker had their own method to deliver a black or black like finish, here is a pair I have for sale http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/340399-fs-hallmarked-officer-collar-emblems-egas/
  6. Looks fine by me... that said it appears to have started life as a screw back and along the way was converted to a two-pin configuration.... s/f
  7. EGA values are all over the map... best you could expect 15 - 20 without a mate
  8. Your correct, enlisted issue emblem for the dress blue collar. Started using these around 1930 and ended use shortly after 1930
  9. It’s a design which had its start in the twenties, made for Officers and enlisted. The design was tweaked thru the decades up to this example. Your clutch back enlisted version was made for a limited period and worn on the long sleeve shirt of the Summer service alpha. There may very well be over two dozen variations of this pattern. In metals used and globe design.
  10. Bravo Zulu... “thread of the month”
  11. ... what Allan said!!!!!
  12. DAM!!! You are so fortunate to have secured these for your collection.... I would give my left____ to get these!
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