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  1. Superb thread, don’t know how I could have missed it the first time thru...
  2. Incredibly scarce items to a WW1 Marine aviator... so good to a well documented group of this nature preserved intact. Thank you for sharing his history with us!
  3. .... a great thread! Thx to all for their contributions.
  4. .... a superb group of Campaign Covers, material condition as good as it gets for decades old gear!
  5. The first commercially successful color process, the Lumière Autochrome, invented by the French Lumière brothers, reached the market in 1907. Instead of colored strips, it was based on an irregular screen plate filter made of three colors of dyed grains of potato starch which were too small to be individually visible.... Wikipedia
  6. The trim the coins are sitting on, are fabricated of PVC trim, cut down on my wood jointer to fit upon the stripes.... The MAPLE is actually the S.C. stare tree, it is the Saba Palmetto, found along the coast from S.C. to Florida...
  7. I make these for sale, customized upon clients desires... this was for SC medallions and military challenge coins
  8. Send a PM to BRIG he works at Quantico, he can get you a number, or PM to DIRK, he can get you a number and contact to call. It is a darling photo!
  9. Personalinterviewswereconductedwiththefolowingnamed persons, copies of which are contained in the files of the Reference Section, History and Museums Division, Head- quarters, U.S. Marine Corps. BENSON, Mary A. (Mrs. Albert Eldred) April 1972. BERTRAM, Elizabeth (Mrs.) July 1972. BOND,Olive(Mrs.Miler),August1972. CHAPMAN,MaryLou(Mrs.WarenClayson),April1972. ELYSON,Samia(Mrs.Pope),April1972. ERVIN, Lucy (Mrs. Winter), November 1972. FRANTZ, Frieda(Mrs.T.Keleher),October1972.
  10. Great looking cover, as good as it gets for a century old item...
  11. These are worn by Generals Aide and officers assigned to White House staff on the dress blues & whites
  12. In the case of single collar emblems, in many instances as a single, they will bring less than a pair. Especially true in the case of lifetime mates...
  13. I am so pleased to see this old thread given new life... thanks for the update Dirk
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