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  1. Hi 37thguy, It shall seem that the numbers are different. One digit on the small pouch (EX54 x) but two digits on big pouch (EX54 xx). It is correct ? Marko
  2. Hi, Thanks to you for these pics. Andrew, it is possible to have a copy of this reportIs which speaks about T53-8 but also other equipments? Thank you in advance. Marko
  3. Hi, In fact in 1968 Endicott Johnson made jungles boots without sewing of heel Your boots of 1982 is probably made by Altama (PJ code in square). Marko
  4. Hi Andrew, I look forward to this report. Marko
  5. Good morning, Yes, this LCE is based on the british experimental equipment of 1950. Marko
  6. Hi keystone, Thank you for these very interesting pics. By looking at these, we can conclude that the number is not attached to the item. Two différents tools carrier and canteen covers with the same number. The combat pack on the left is similar to the pic that you had found in a newspaper Same buckles WWII, same position of shovel Marko
  7. Hello sgtmonroe, It would be possible to have the photo of the other face. Thanks Marko
  8. It's hard to say. I did not find documents which speak of tests of each items.
  9. Wouawww ! A fabulous set not findable in Europe. There are pics in the technical report EP71 "The Physiology of Load Carrying XIV" of july 1957, but they are unusable. Marko
  10. Even there it is only a supposition, for me, it is a number to recognize the various tested models during the evaluations or test number which lasted several years Marko
  11. Yes, Belted ammunition and probably all kinds of larges magazines like M3 Grease Gun, BAR, ect...
  12. These photos are extracted from this book dated 1959 Marko
  13. Hello, The original configuration with sleeping bag carrier straps Here, ammo pouches have no more leather straps Marko
  14. Hello, I discover this thread. The vertical waves belt exist since the beginning. Indeed, I have already seen a belt dated 8/60 and here is a photo of the belt of EX54 (unfortunately not in my collection) Marko
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