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  1. Hey guys, Im looking for different styles and examples of labels from the 1 liter bottles that were sourced overseas during Desert Shield/Storm. Especially any examples that are scanned or in PDF format. Im also looking for examples of the issue chem-lights from the same era. Ive tried numerous searches both here and on google, and cant find anything good. Thanks!
  2. Its not i don't think. They are from the same squad tho. I have additional photos of each of them. I'll post them later
  3. Hey everybody!! We've found something robinb doesn't have!!!! Haha, that's a really odd piece for sure. Can any tell me about it? When etc...
  4. Having done some Living History stuff on the Olympia, I have to say, nice piece!! sharing this with the guys from the LH crew.
  5. I have a horribly sewn WWII class A jacket and used to have another one. Researched the names and the rank and insignia was correct. They were just bad at sewing
  6. They don't look to be the French ones. Construction, soles, color, hardware, leather quality etc... Are different than any other French boot i have seen
  7. Are you selling it or giving it away?
  8. He was friends with and served with a good buddy of mine, RIP sir...
  9. Johan, thanks for the reference pics. I based mine off of photos of the unit I portray, they all show the larger size insignia like I painted.
  10. 124cav, Thank you very much. And I won't argue with you on the skinny part, haha
  11. Patch and Patriot, thanks guys, I like it too. damcon....have you ever seen an m3 blade before? If you want I can take photos of it next to my other original M3
  12. Skip, it came with a m8a1. Hardly fits the grip is so thick
  13. Picked this up today at a shop. Blade is from a M3 but the guy replaced the grips with beautiful shaped stacked leather washers and a huge aluminum pommel. The fit in your hand is perfect and the weight and balance is fantastic. What do you guys think value wise? I may be selling this off to pay the bills some time in the near future. Tyler Close up of grips
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