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  1. That sort of historical detail is why I like this board Thanks bummer
  2. Yes on both counts they have matching four digit serial number and are dated 1953 Should I run a coat of leather protectant on the bindings?
  3. ttachment=437922 My wife found these at a flea market for $40 They are marked on the center brace U.S. SNOWCRAFT They are not marked any other place. The leather and buckles look very good. I know the photos are small but I have a great deal of trouble sizing these pictures. From what I have posted, do they look post war 1950s or 40s wartime?
  4. Is the AIRTRESS MIDLAND marked pouch British made?
  5. Great bits of information you posted on this topic. Again in 1963/64 the only full sets of camoflage uniforms in the US supply chain would be WW 2 stocks. So a European based LRRP unit wearing in-country purchased European camo would make as much sense as Army Advisors buying Tigerstripe in Vietnam or Marine advisors having Mitchells made on Okinawa 1963/64. The bootprint part made sense also. I had a late 1950s B&W photo of US paratroops on exercise in Italy wearing a odd looking Camoflage steel pot covers. I thought they were made from a US parachute fabric, but now I wonder if it
  6. Thank you.. I had to post the photo you attached. US troops with M 14s , wearing Lizard.. Note the Birch Stock on M 14 number four. That is why I like this board so much. If I see a interesting photo that could have a story behind the picture, I will hear the details. Maybe tanker rig 45. is their officer Thank you
  7. I found this phot at my mom's house last night The captions says JFK greets Troops at Hanau Germany June 23 1963 The uniform looks like French Lizard but the hat looks to be Duck Hunter and is that a scarf around his neck? What is with the Iraq war full color US flag on his sleave and Tanker rig on his side? I blew the photo up and you can clearly see detail. I would understand a US officer wearing a French set in France or SVN. But in the FDR 1963. Anyway I just wanted share as it caught my eye
  8. Great story and thanks for posting real tangible pieces of history. The story of Wake Island's defence fills you with a sense of awe. Marines, Marine Avation, armed sailors, tiny Army Signal Corps detachment, Pan Am employees and civilian construction workers replused a well equipped Japanes landing force without help. They could not stop the second landing. It is worth noting captured Japanese documents pointed out that the Japanese were impressed with the Detachment's defense of the Island. For some reason I found the Naval Whites issued to Sgt Nevenzel touching. I have read liberated
  9. One more pristine Brown side set found on the web, note head gear.
  10. I heard it called 'Jungle' in 80/81. The reason I asked about beginings of the ERDL issue is I read it started development in 48' and wondered about the overlap in other patterns being issued. The Army issued a few poncho lines in Duck/spot so it was still beng issued in some rare instances At the same time we had Wine Leaf steel pot covers and shelter halfs.. Bravo-2-zero I wondered what was the insperation for ERDL jungle/woodland also. In 1948 the US could look at the British Dennison type camo, many German patterns and it's own Pacific camoflage. I don't think it really looks li
  11. Thanks for the great info on threads about liners. So it would be a fair guess to sat 1964/65 for a US issued Duck hunter item other than a parachute canopy. So the ARVNs had US supplied ERDL in 64/65 period, This is interesting.
  12. I have a question about ERDL issued items. I read it was developed in 1948, so what was the first item officialy issued to any US personel. Also with that question asked does anyone know what the last dated item issued in Duck Hunter was? The reason I ask is I thought the poncho liner was issued in Duck Hunter for a short period. Was this 62/63' ? Did they indeed make and issue a poncho liner in Duck Hunter? Or was this just a over the counter Ranger Joe Army Surplus item? Thank you Norton
  13. It's hard to make out. it could be very faded Lizard french bush hat. I also noticed a ARVN troop at frame 10.03 with a German MP 40. You can see the muzzle and the distinct un-folded stock latter in the frames. You can make out a Swedish K with it's stock un-folded. This is interesting to see German and even Japanese weapons used early in the war. Is that SMG a French weapon used in their Indochina war turned over to the Southern Goverment. A dead VC battlefield pick up or did the CIA give it to the local village defense force. These are some of the reasons I am fascinated with this time per
  14. Your post is right on the money. I use a great deal of Millitary surplus items camping, fishing and hunting. I have been razzed about it for not using made in China RIE stuff. Don't get me wrong there is a bunch of new first class camping gear out there. But I will say this, I was camping with a 1953 dated Belgium army pup tent. My buddies made fun of it. When the rain came I stayed dry. As for Field Jackets and other inexpensive gear. The Boy scouts I know love Army Surplus and I think that is perfectly normal.
  15. \\ Great find hunter I like it and have alway been partial to Duck Hunter and Beo Gam patterns. Where did you get it? When I was a kid it was the only Camo you saw hunters use and it was associated with Vietnam (Until latter) It would also work for Cuba 59' to 66' or Central America Is it Asian or US? How old do you think it is and can you post a picture of the tag? From the photos I have seen it would look period for the early to mid 1960s
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