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  1. Tamiya has their new M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Sherman out. The kit is an absolute gem. You can pick them up for 40% off at Hobby Lobby with their online coupon. Other than that, their M4 Early production is really good as well. You can usually pick one up for $25 or less.
  2. Here is the bottom half of the inserts. He can also tailor the size of the inkwell holes... I have several of the Bakelite #60 inkwells which require a1-1/2 inch hole for the inkwell. I can only fit one because the lids are so wide, but Mr. Dunavin will work with you to get all the pertinent info to make your desk and or parts to fit your expectations.
  3. Greetings Everyone! I recently picked up a Company field desk off ebay and was disappointed when I found that the inkwell inserts for it were missing. I contacted Dunavin Woodsmith (Tim Dunavin) who I'd heard makes really good reproductions of Field Desks and Tables and ordered the inserts for my desk. Mr. Dunavin was very prompt in contacting me to figure out the exact measurements of my desk so he could custom fit the inkwell inserts specifically to my desk. I ordered a few days before Christmas and received them about a week later and that includes the time it took to manufacture and fi
  4. Absolutely... I also use these in my Living history events as well... I need to find the inkwell insert for the side drawer...
  5. Here is my latest find. A US Army Field Desk... not sure what the nomenclature is for this particular one. It is set up for the Inkwell insert, but is missing the insert itself. Anyone know where I can find one? Or at least have drawings for it so I can manufacture the insert? You can never have enough field desks! Wayne
  6. Here is another shot of the 2015 School of the Soldier at the Museum of 20th Century Warfare, Fort Ben Harrison State park, Indiana showing trench clearing operations. The entire complex has trenches, bunkers and hidey holes built in.
  7. The location is the Museum of 20th Century Warfare at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park in Indiana. Every year they have the boyscouts come out to help improve the trench system a bit more. It's a protected site so no digging, so they have to build above ground and backfill. It really looks awesome.
  8. Here's a photo from 3rd Army Historical Society's School of the Soldier this past weekend. A Captain leads the defense of a perimeter... A special thanks to Ray175INF for the Schleuter helmet shell and Johnny Costino for the Hawley Liner. Wayne
  9. These were built in a time where Radial engines WERE the standard piston engines... Inline engines were much harder to design planes around and use because of the associated radiators and ducting needed to cool them.
  10. General Patton checks his camera while conferring with a 503rd MP Battalion First Sergeant prior to heading to the front lines to observe the 3rd Army advance during the Lorraine Campaign in September of 1944. Denny Hair as General George S. Patton and myself as the 503rd MP Bn 1SG. This photo was taken at the Midway Village WWII event in September of 2014 in Rockford Illinois. Wayne
  11. I'm no expert but it screams fake to me... why? Look at the suspension in the liner and the chin straps on the shell... it looks brand new... yet the sweat band is nasty and falling apart. If this was used for ANY length of time in combat or even training, the suspension would be sweaty and dirty.
  12. You took a lemon of a kit and made some pretty tasty lemonade sir!!! Well done!!! Wayne
  13. Keep in mind that .50 cal ammo isn't cheap... even dummy rounds. I'd suggest contacting Gary at the US Replica Gun Company at www.replicaguns.com. They have a 25 round belt of .50 cal for $67.50. Their "Whole nine yards" belt is $799.00 that is a 27 foot long belt of .50 cal ammo. The whole nine yards remark was in reference to the ammo belts loaded into WWII US Fighter planes... the belt was 27 feet long and had about 313 -314 rounds. The RGC package comes with 313 individual rounds and 320 links. You build the belt yourself. Oh, and free shipping on that "whole nine yards" package. Tell him
  14. I have one of ATF's 2009 run M1941s before they started making the "summer" jackets. I've worn it comfortably up to about 70-75 degrees before it became too warm and I had to shuck the jacket. Conversely, a few years back I did a Battle of the Bulge event in Indiana in sub 20 degree weather and a foot and a half of snow. With the M1937 wools, a t shirt, and a five button sweater, the M1941 jacket and it's wool liner kept me fairly warm. Remember, the 41 jacket wasn't meant to be anything more than a light weight combat jacket. In hotter weather the HBT jacket was used, and in colder weather, t
  15. T48s... The T54 cuff types might be useable too...There should be a US distributor listed on the directions or the box that you can write for replacement tracks. The newer release M4A3s have the T48s without the extended end connectors... if you can get the kit number for the newer release with the figures included, you should be able to get replacement tracks... Kit number 35250, M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun (Front line Breakthrough)
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