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    US Military History, anything USMC but mostly from the early yrs. EGA collecting. The Medal of Honor.
  1. I picked up the right side 1936 Pattern N.S. Meyer Officer Dress Collar "210" as a PERFECT match to my left side one.
  2. I picked up a left side 1936 N.S. Meyer Officer Dress Collar "210" emblem that was a PERFECT match to the right side one in my collection..... :w00t:
  3. WOW...just don't seem to cover it Sir.....then again a 100 word essay would fall short too I think.
  4. Marine Corps coffee can do anything brighten brass, dull brass, remove paint, wax/unwax the floor, wake you up, calm you down, clean your rifle, gas up a duece and a half, patch holes in your shelter-half, kill bugs, shine boots, remove stains, make stains, babysit your kids, kills rats, grow veggies, keep the Gunny out of your hair, keep a 2nd LT busy for HOURS, gravy at Thanksgiving, can wrap your Xmas gifts, stop traffic and LASTLY get you the Sat night date with the cute blonde two houses down. WD-40 anit got nothing on MC Coffee, just sayin.
  5. I got this one....had my eye on the meyers but figured it would go out of my price range.....
  6. wish I would have seen this one as I bought the Barracks cover emblem.
  7. I bid/bought this set.....need to filll a hole and thought the the price was right for the set...less than $40
  8. I BID ON THAT....I Sooooo wanted it and someone "stole" it at the last sec..(literally) .it's beauiful. BTW I saved you as a FAV seller and chk you out everyday to see if your selling more. JOHNSTOWN: small world...born here as well, moved back home after the USMC. ( sometimes wonder why) AGAIN THAT EGA..was NICE. would have went $150 on it but I thought I had it in "the bag"
  9. YES...would be nice to pin down a closer date for EGA's other that 1937 to 1962......MAKES the EGA referance section PRICELESS trying to use outside sources gets you a date range using the known reg's 1926, 1937, 1956 ect.....
  10. Sorry to hear that Brig...post some of your collection for sale and I'll make it up to you...lol
  11. That sure as hell looks like the same Bird ( at least from the back)
  12. THANK YOU both for the help....the starting bid was $95 so if I wanted it and I did was ready to pay that so I got away with slightly over $100 JUST HAPPY she is Legit :w00t: I dont have many Officer EGA's and i'm starting to build.
  13. Let's hope I did not get burned, saw this on EBAY...not much bidding and I ended up paying abit over $100. Have not seen this version much and to be honest the way the rope is fixed has some concern for me....... what say the group a legit Bird, or a REPRO ?????? :pinch: :think:
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