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  1. The first one is very cool. It looks like every patch is theater made and a small Arabic name tag under where his name tag would have been. That's a neat coat. The others are cool too but that first one is special. I bet the second one with the SF combat patch is the same soldier but the other 2 are probably from another person or possibly 2 different people.
  2. That scroll definitely looks hand made on a zig-zag sewing machine like you'd find in an off-post shop. It's always funny to see the spelling errors that turn up on small batch patches like this.
  3. I don't have any knowledge of what patch to wear, sorry, but does that scroll say SENTRY DOG MANDLER instead of HANDLER? It's hard to tell on my screen.
  4. The other stuff sounds like it was pretty great as well but your items are very cool. I have always liked the 50s/60s color insignia Army uniforms like your hats. 100% tactically unsound insignia choices but very colorful and cool.
  5. Very cool items, Red Devil. What were the other items that were auctioned that you didn't wind up with?
  6. The snap setting tool from the glove snap (like the belt loop snap on an M3 shoulder holster) is a different size than the male LTD snap. If you're in the Phoenix area let me know and you can use my setting tools. If not, the drilled wood block is a good idea but you'll still need the setting tool or a substitute for it. The setting punch is about $20 from DOT but maybe an auto upholstery shop would set it for you. LTDs are used in some automotive applications. Herb
  7. That is a very cool jacket. Do you think the jacket itself is tailor made or GI issue? It looks like the pockets are a bit different than the GI model. It could be from when they added the blue material but it just looks a little different. Light blue for infantry? Again, really neat.
  8. That is a nice 196th patch on the overcoat. It looks to be hand-guided, machine sewn. Since he was in Korea he may have had it made at a sew shop there after not being able to find an issue patch or he brought it with him from Vietnam. It's a very nice patch. Take a picture of the shop the next time your in there. It would be neat to see the Ike jacket ceiling tiles. Tucson Army Navy was a similar shop all the way into the early 2000s. It's gone now like most others but what a neat place it was.
  9. It's a private purchase fatigue shirt. They were patterned on the GI OG-107 but with some improvements to fit and how they looked (like the top button one usually buttons is higher and so it doesn't show as much of the undershirt and look as sloppy as the GI shirt). Also, they are usually made in the lightweight poplin that jungle uniforms are made from so they were cooler and could be pressed more cleanly. I've had them in poplin, like yours, and standard OG-107 sateen material so they made both. The tag is gone but might have stated that the shirt was made by BVD or Guaranteed Trooper. They
  10. Hello All, I've always wondered when the USAF changed over from the large size command patches that I usually see worn on the right chest pocket of OG-107 fatigues and such and went to the smaller size command patches. They were both color patches. Also, some of the large size ones, like Tactical Air Command, are partially embroidered and partially the twill base on the larger ones but I think I've only seen fully embroidered small patches. I was wondering if anyone knew when the switch over took place? Thanks, Herb
  11. I bought a patch blanket today but I don't think it is an older blanket as there are a few merrowed edge patches on it (the Ranger scroll and diamond). It looks like someone's more modern attempt at making a patch blanket. There were some neat theater made patches but they are in rough shape. I'll probably cut the patches off and sell them and I was wondering what anyone could tell me about these 2 large patches. Thanks in advance for any ideas on the 2 large patches labelled Air Force and shown below. Herb
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