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  1. I’ve a couple that of cut outs that are Infantry crossed rifles. One is on what’s left of its card along with a U.S.. Would love to know more about them.
  2. Thats interesting. I was in a Drill Sergeant slot in the late late 90s as an E-4. This was during my time in the Army Reserves. Reservists could be an E-4 Specialist or Corporal but I think Regular Army required a Drill to be E-6 to attend DSS which that changed to E-5 at some point then maybe back. At that time, if we finished DS School prior to making E-5 then we were to wear a black or dark blue helmet liner & were called turtles or those who were Corporals were turtling as Drill Corporals. I transferred to another DS unit prior to going to school & they did the same. The only time
  3. Ive not read a ton from this yet but I just came across this information that may his unit. Its History of the Battery C (San Francisco Fusileers), 2ndArtillery Regiment, National Guard of California 1881-1895. I also caught a glimpse that they were formerly the San Francisco Fusileers. Thats all I came up with so far. If its ok to post a screenshot of the information in case the link doesnt work someday I could post that but seems I remember there were some rules regarding that. Ill see if I can find those rules & if allowed Ill post them. http://www.militarymuseum.org/2nd%20
  4. Any chance you know of a place I can find that photo? A quick search didn’t turn anything up unless I over looked it.
  5. Don’t mean to sound like I’m saying it’s the same helmet which it very well could be a different one but I did end up with some replacement covers on my pot in theater. One was simply because I was told mine was too faded, another to replace some tears, & I had to put on because we ended up with a new Bde & had to sew the 3rd SB SSIs on it. A side note, a fellow collector I served briefly with had some helmets that he spiced up (plates, patches, etc), wore in theater & sold each with a photo & letter stating he wore it in Iraq. Made pretty good money like that.
  6. I believe it’s Jungle Expert under his name tape & Pathfinder wing on the other pocket.
  7. I had a few helmets over my career but one I had in theater varied throughout the deployment. I had changed the chinstrap when one buckle broke & didn’t always have the elastic band or plate on it so could be the pot but different stages of it.
  8. It may be an image of a pre-Civil War Cavalryman. It’s interesting that his sabre insignia in the manner that the early Cavalry wore it for three months or so in 1858 with the sabre blades down & the letter placement.
  9. Before I decided it was poor practice Ive cleaned paint off of some haversacks & a blanket bag which left a clean spot like this. Perhaps similar scenario? Did the bag itself say Indianapolis Depot or just the leather strap? If just the strap then perhaps its simply been added to a RIA made bag.
  10. That wasn’t the photo I was trying to select. I’ll just return to this post when I get home.
  11. It is a Springfield sight just like this one in the photo which I just snagged from Fulton Armorys site. But again Ive already mailed the rifle back home.
  12. It is the front sight not the rear ladder sight. I’m familiar with most of the variations for I’ve had several of them in my collection but just not a Krag with a Springfield style front sight. I don’t see anything in my references regarding a Springfield front sight though I can certainly see that being a period modification.
  13. Unfortunately I’m on the road & the rifle has been sent home. Whilst typing this on my phone earlier I failed to realize I hadn’t specified it it the front sight not the rear. It looks just like the sight that’s on my six M1903s & distinctly not what’s on my other Krags
  14. Ive purchased an overall fantastic M1898 Krag for $400 but it has a sight like that for M1903 Springfields. Before I restore it I want to insure Im not overlooking a time when that sight couldve been added in the contemporary era & me potentially mess something up by trying to fix it.
  15. I’d guess that Chemical Corps one is a mixture between & not originally sold like that. I still need to find mine. I have a set of WO cap badges & collar insignia, some enlisted Infantry insignia, & a couple uniforms with silver buttons.
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