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  1. Doh yes we did,. Thought i had posted it in the new acquisitions forum. Wanted an opinion here... evidently already had one. Thanks
  2. Excellent info thanks, this is not my collecting field so I really appreciate the help
  3. No armor for it but I presume it snapped on to some frag armor. Cannot find much info on it. Perhaps never mde it into full production?
  4. this is serial #40 so could be a Natick thing
  5. only thing I can find.... http://https://www.digitalcommonwealth.org/search/commonwealth:nz808q072
  6. there is no armor in it nor any place I can find to insert any. It does however have some attachment points on the backside that lead me to believe its meant to be attached to some soft armor.
  7. These are not really my thing so don't know much about them... I've never seen a PB branded SAR vest and the intranet does not have much info either. Evidently there was some soft armor associated with this version? thanks
  8. Thanks, I've got ten of them...wish i had that rifle!
  9. Thanks, yea I've been toying with letting them go as much as I detest epay. They truly are a great set. We shall see.
  10. Meant to say IN a great size but of course you cannot seem to edit a title.... Stumbled on this minty LR set today.
  11. #1 yes it lists contents #2 While I've not opened it I'm sure it's a TL-29 type utility, but not 100% sure
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