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  1. Disassembled for cleaning and a good coat of oil.
  2. Looking for the correct carry strap/sling for the M202 or M202A1 Flash. Thanks Jason
  3. I've seen that stuff in practice 106mm RR rounds. Supposed to add the same weight as the explosive filler.
  4. Looking for the shock absorbors that go down the side of the tube as well as the front elevation tube.
  5. picked up a few sealed boxes many years ago at a gunshow. pretty cool items.
  6. Friend has an Edgewater device that he received as part of a lot of M2, M1919 and M83 gun parts. He was not sure what it was and wanted to get a feel of the value of it. Thanks Jason
  7. Anyone have an idea or know what this is?
  8. Can you have repo MOHs? Can you sell repo MOHs? Also, what is supposed to be on the back of the metal?
  9. I bought all the military items from an estate back in late 2014 and finally have been going through a few boxes of metals the guy had and found this in a clear plastic container with the address of the Marine Corps Air and Ground Museum on a note pad page. The metal and the ribbon were in the box together but looks like it's missing a few items. Please advise as I'm curious why the address of the USMC museum was in the box. Thanks for your help
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