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  1. I'd like to ask you fellows something. What's the proper way to wear the fourragere? I've been looking around and it seems like the "loopy part" should be on the back side of the shoulder strap rather than the front, although I've seen them both ways in photos. I have a 6th marine group with the loop in the back and I know first hand that this is how the vet had it mounted. Anyone know for certain what the regulation method is?
  2. I purchased this uniform. I asked the seller if they knew anything about the veteran, but they didn't. They had purchased it at the estate sale straight out of the closet. It's a great original set with screw back insignia and beautiful old fourragere. The special treat for me is that the jacket AND pants fit me perfectly (not that I'll wear it)!
  3. :thumbsup: Good eye Sabrejet! I'm happy to see that you appreciate the significance of the Toby-jug! It's my homage to "12 O'clock High", but it's a different character. I understand that in the movie it was a Robin Hood mug.
  4. I recently added an never used original period frame with 351st vet Lt. Clark Gable's picture in it.
  5. Have any of you had experience with "Renaissance Wax"? I've used it on visor caps, and edged weapon blades with great success, but now I have a great A-2 jacket that needs a little care and I'm not sure of what to do.
  6. That looks like an original. Also, there are at least two volumes. I say that because I know there are two, and I recently saw an ad for volume 3, but I wasn't able to confirm that with the seller.
  7. Ok, I just can't take it anymore. :w00t: I'm tired of seeing so many beautiful visor caps DESTROYED by people who have a very mistaken understanding of what a "crusher" is. I just read this in a sellers ad: "These were called "Crusher Caps" because they were designed to be folded or crushed without damaging or changing the shape of the hat." - NO, NO, NO! The only crushing that ANY visor cap was designed to endure was to be worn under a set of headphones PERIOD. If you want to cause the seams of a 70 year old cap to pull out, be my guest, but don't be telling stories to justify your vandal
  8. 35th Division was assigned to XX Corps ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/35th_Infantry...(United_States) )
  9. When did he have time to earn the Philippine Defense Medal - did he make a quick flight over to Bataan? The only vet groups I've seen with that ribbon were POW's. Also, the Switlik Caterpillar certificate is current issue, but the pin looks like a good one. IMO the pin is worth at least $400.
  10. Here are a couple of examples of the "order of the winged boot" patch, both from escape & evader groupings. One gentleman flew with the 91st BG, the other with the 94th BG.
  11. I've seen these small screwback Caterpillar Club pins around, but I can't find anything that dates these. Does anyone know who made them, and when they first appeared? I believe the card it's screwed on is how it originally came.
  12. TRASH! :pinch: People are crazy... Glad you rescued this great trunk grouping!
  13. Thanks gentlemen, I'm glad to see you've enjoyed this. Is there anyone out there with photos from one of these reunions that include a shot of this banner? :think:
  14. I just had to share this new addition to my collection. It dates from the early 1970's and was made in England for the 351st Bomb Group reunions. The goup was based at Polebrook, which I think was one of the first RAF fields to receive B-17's. Among other notable achievements, this was the BG featured in the film "Combat America" made by Lt. Clark Gable, who was assigned to this unit. I think it's a very unique piece and makes a stunning backdrop for display. Enjoy!
  15. "British Burma Star" - thank you! Is this is out of order of precedence for a US serviceman, or is this correct?
  16. Can anyone identify the first ribbon? Is it Chinese?
  17. Thank you very much gentlemen. I'd love to see more examples - hopefully this thread will grow to include more examples and stories!
  18. I see allot about naming on DFC's, but what does numbering mean? Can it be used to date a medal? I have three DFC's and only one is numbered at the bottom edge of the cross. It's a beautiful example, more 'gold' than bronze. All three are vary in finish from bright to dark in finish. (I just noticed the first lapel pin is for a silver star, whoops)
  19. This footlocker belonged to an Army soldier KIA in Germany March 1945. I wonder - was Pfc. Glaser a Shakespeare fan, or an actor?
  20. Thanks guys, but I'm still looking for his WWII experience.
  21. I recently acquired a four pocket jacket and pants that came from Omar T. Hitchner's estate. I understand that he was KIA in Korea and received the DSC. He's also reputed to have given the order to "Kill 'em All" at No Gun Ri. But I can't seem to find anything on his WWII service. Can anyone help me? His patches indicate service with the 9th ID, and the 77th ID, but I'd like to document this if possible.
  22. Here's one of my favorites - for Airborne Troop Carriers
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